Balinale to Screen Four Movies from Iran

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TEHRAN — Four movies by Iranian filmmakers will be screened at the 14th Bali International Film Festival – Balinale in Indonesia. “Malakout”, “Pari”, “Doubt” and “113” will be competing in the festival, which will take place on Bali from November 11 to 14.


Directed by Farnush Abedi, the acclaimed animated short movie “Malakout” has been produced at the Documentary and Experimental Film Center. It tells the story of a pianist, who has lost one of his hands and can’t play the piano anymore. Doctors decide to transplant a dead criminal’s hand onto his body. The pianist with his new hand starts killing people.

The film has been screened in numerous international events and won several awards, including the Excellence Award at the 18th Hiroshima International Animation Festival. It also won two honors for Abedi, including the best director award at the Dead of Night Film Festival in Liverpool.


“Pari” directed by Siamak Etemadi won the Golden Cyrus Cylinder for best feature-length film at the 7th Iranian Film Festival Zurich, Switzerland.

The film follows Babak, an Iranian student in Greece, who doesn’t show up to welcome his visiting parents at the Athens airport. Pari and her older husband, both devout Muslims abroad for the first time, are ill-prepared to search for their son in an intimidating and alien environment. All their attempts to find a clue that might lead them to him prove to be in vain and they soon reach a dead end. However, Pari can’t give up looking for him, even when returning to Iran seems like her only choice. Following the steps of her rebellious son in the darkest corners of the city, she will exhaust her inner strength to achieve more than a mother’s search for her missing son.


Directed by Ali Tasdiqi, “Doubt” is about Amir and Nazi, who are traveling in a car on a mountain road while facing strange happenings.


“113” by Neda Asef is the story of soldier number 113 who is overtired and has fallen asleep in the military base conference room, in which briefing sessions are held. By the time he wakes up, things have gotten out of hand.

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