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Code of Ethics

Bali International Film Festival, also known as Balinale, is a film and cultural event that brings together the industry and the general public to celebrate storytelling from Indonesia and worldwide. The festival’s main objective is to attain the largest possible participation of professionals and the general audience. The laws of Indonesia guide Balinale and the core values of excellence; creativity; equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (EDIB). 

We hold the Balinale and those within our association with the highest respect. To achieve this objective, our relationships shall be motivated by the highest ideals of fair play in all business practices. The festival takes care to minimize its impact on the natural environment or cause harm to the local area through its activities, particularly in protected areas of religious, cultural, or historical significance

  • We shall, in our covenant with the public, establish a foundation of truth and integrity in all words and deeds.
  • We shall deem as unethical the use of misleading statements in all publicity and advertising media.
  • Balinale is dedicated to providing a professional, enjoyable, respectful and harassment-free experience for all attendees. We do not condone discrimination, sexism or verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation shall be prohibited or behavior that is degrading to another person or group.
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed to our committee, staff, volunteers, or interns.
  • Balinale reserves the right to revoke the badge, ticket or access of any attendee violating this policy without notice or refund.
  • Balinale reserves the right to revoke the badge of any volunteer and/or intern violating the festival’s practices and policy without notice.
  • Balinale does not include in the program pornographic or sensitive material that could be deemed provocative.
  • Balinale respects the copyright of the selected as well as the submitted films.
  • Balinale is committed to ensuring that all goods and services supplied are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons, have the least negative impact on the environment and produce a positive effect on equality and fairness.
  • Balinale is committed to lawful and ethical behavior in all of its activities and requires its employees to conduct themselves in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Anyone involved with the festival are expected to conduct their relationships with each other, the festival, and outside organizations or businesses with objectivity and honesty.
  • Balinale will conduct its business in good faith, acting with integrity and honesty, being fair and respectful to colleagues and partners, following the law, being good stewards of the festival’s assets, and holding one another accountable.
  • The festival will report to the authorities any form of stalking, threatening behavior, or any other activities that violate privacy, harm individuals, or go against legal and ethical standards.
  • If at any time a concern exists regarding the propriety or legality of any action contemplated to be taken or that has been taken by any employee, or associate, contractor, fundraiser, vendor, as the action relates to festival activities, or if an action needs to be taken in order for the festival to be in compliance with law or appropriate ethical standards, it will be addressed directly by the management until matters are satisfactorily resolved.
  • The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in identifying and handling potential and actual conflicts of interest involving the festival.
  • Balinale employees may not receive or offer gifts, entertainment or anything else of significant value (e.g. financial payments, awards, loans, services, fees, etc.) for the purpose of influencing the action of the festival or of the recipient.
  • It is prohibited for employees to accept commissions, gifts, or favors from vendors, suppliers, and associates outside of the agreement stipulated by the festival.
  • No official festival guest is not to be solicited in any way.
  • Balinale will give written approval and co-sign together all contracts with a sponsor, supplier or supporter. Any contract negotiated without the written approval of the festival is not valid.
  • All confidential information received by a volunteer/intern, employee, fundraiser, associates, and committee members will be held in strict confidence unless and until such time Balinale specifically consents in writing to the disclosure of said confidential information or such information.
  • Normal business practices, such as meetings over meals, corporate items given to participants in meetings and conferences, or token hosting gifts, as long as they are of nominal and reasonable value and promote the festival’s legitimate business interests.