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Thank you for joining us at the Bali International Film Festival 2024. Stay connected to us through our social media and website for updates on the festival’s year-long programs and plans for the next Balinale!

Explore the 2024 Winners

Balinale unveiled the winners of its 17th edition, showcasing a diverse array of cinematic excellence. The festival celebrated 60 films from 25 countries with the jury selecting winners from 24 competing films highlighting the best in feature and short documentaries, narratives, and special jury awards. Notably, the Gary L Hayes Award recognized an emerging Indonesian filmmaker honoring the vibrant future of the country’s film industry.

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Balinale’s collection of Original Motion Picture Soundtracks. Spanning from the iconic Italian Cinema of the 60s to the French New Wave Cinema of the 50s and 60s, and extending to the Independent American Films of the 90s.