Valen’s Reef | Free Entry

Short Film

"Dive with Ronald Mambrasar and his son, Valen, into crystal-clear waters teeming with fish. It’s be hard to believe that, a little over a decade ago, these treasures were almost lost — only to be rescued by one of the world’s most ambitious community-based conservation programs. Ronald tells Valen the story of how the area was almost destroyed and how the community-led conservation initiative restored it. As a native Papuan and father of four, Ronald shares what it means to protect his home for Valen's generation and shows just how successful conservation can be when local people are empowered to take a leading role.

Since 2004, Conservation International has helped local partners protect the waters of Raja Ampat in the Bird’s Head Seascape of remote Indonesia. Despite only being the size of Great Britain, this unique area holds more species of fish than the entire Great Barrier Reef and more species of coral than the Caribbean Sea."