Tiada Balinale Tahun ini

Tiada Balinale Tahun ini

Festival film internasional Balinale ditiadakan tahun ini.

Annual Balinale announces its 14th edition rescheduled to May 2021.

The 14th Bali International Film Festival (Balinale), which was scheduled to start September 8, had to make the decision to reschedule the festival to May 2021 to return with a full program.

The postponement decision is related to the latest announcement by GPBSI (Indonesian Cinema Management Association) regarding the reopening of national cinemas.

The Festival Committee designed the May 2021 program to reposition the festival, maximize its exposure in the Balinese and regional calendar of events, and gain a stronger grip on Indonesia in the global film market.

Balinale, in partnership with film industry stakeholders, will continue to work closely with the Indonesian government in promoting the creative industry through programs that strengthen film and cultural exchange.

Balinale with its experience and international reputation since 2007 provides an international platform for the Indonesian film industry. Through an established network invites leading industry executives from all over the world to explore Indonesia with the aim of delivering future film and television projects.

In a series of international promotions, this profession raises highly skilled Indonesian filmmakers and makes this country a destination for Southeast Asian entertainment production. Meanwhile, Balinale this year will participate in the strategy of reopening and restoring the island of Bali by running a number of preliminary events. "From Bali, we promote Indonesia as a destination for the global film industry," said Deborah Gabinetti, the founder of Balinale.

"Balinale is proud to introduce its collaboration with the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), in Hong Kong, with selected films and artists to celebrate Balinale 2021", Gabinetti added.

The Balinale - AFAA collaboration includes the "Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation" in Indonesia, which will include some outstanding award-winning films and bring together film professionals from Hong Kong and Indonesia. AFAA has highlighted initiatives throughout the year by building regional and international audiences and developing the Asian film industry and culture through the annual Asian Film Awards. Several Indonesian films recognized by the festival include OPERA JAVA, A LOVELY MAN, and ASSAULT DEATH TOWER 2 BLACK GOLD QUEST. (RO/M-2)

source: https://mediaindonesia.com/read/detail/334305-tiada-balinale-tahun-ini

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