Films must have been completed after 1 January 2018, and not already have had significant commercial or broadcast exposure. Films shown at other festivals or in limited non-commercial exhibition are eligible. Non-English language films must be either subtitled or dubbed in English. Submission fees & forms must be complete. Multiple submissions are allowed, each with its own submission form. Commercials and advertisements, works in progress and pornography will not be considered.
Fill in all details on the film submission form and meet all press kit requirements (i.e. production notes, still images, 50 word synopsis, trailer, website). Failing to do so will affect the consideration process. By submitting your film to the Festival, you agree to the final decision made by the festival committee, jury & audience. Neither the festival committee nor the jury is able to provide any comments about your work. Any filmmaker who contacts a juror about the status of a submitted film may be disqualified.


Screening is only possible in DCP or MOV (Quicktime) format. Screenings are scheduled at the discretion of Bali International Film Festival. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, Bali International Film Festival reserves the right to make changes at any time for any reason. Bali International Film Festival will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling.
Once accepted, a film cannot be withdrawn without written approval by the festival committee. The Festival reserves the right to use the exhibition materials (in full or part) for promotional purposes. If chosen as an official selection, the film will be screened in cinema at the 2019 Bali International Film Festival and possibly at a public open air screening. Bali International Film Festival is granted permission to exhibit the film at its associated events during the current festival year and up to its next edition, where the film will receive proper credit and promotion.


We, of course, encourage anyone connected to the production to attend so please inform us at the soonest if this is a probability. The Festival sets aside a limited number of tickets for each filmmaker’s screening(s). Acceptance of your film into the Festival program should not be interpreted as also including travel expenses and associated costs.


Every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage to materials. Bali International Film Festival is not responsible should any materials be damaged or lost while in transit, or while in the possession of the Festival.


The filmmaker holds Bali International Film Festival, its foundation, management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry. By submitting your film(s), you acknowledge that your have all necessary rights and permissions for the film(s) and agree to grant permission for Bali International Film Festival to exhibit. The filmmaker indemnifies the organisers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.


All exhibition materials must be received in the Bali International Film Festival headquarters by Monday 2 September 2019. Note, many places may have delayed postal delivery schedules because of holidays, etc. Upon request Bali International Film Festival can provide shipping to one location for incoming OR outgoing DCP exhibition copy hard drives only. Please include in the package the complete destination address.
Balinale Headquarters: Jl. Mertasari 10-B, Sanur 80228, Bali, Indonesia
Note, anything other than DCP exhibition copy hard drives will be destroyed after the Festival is completed.


The Festival does not cover any screening or loaner fees for submissions. By submitting to Bali International Film Festival you agree that no screening or loaner fee will be required for your film’s participation in the Festival.


Submission Fee Waivers for non-Indonesian productions will only be considered when received between Monday 20 May and Friday 31 May 2019. World Premieres or Award Winners are given priority.
Indonesians automatically qualify for a submission fee waiver grant. For more information visit
Note screening & shipping fees are the responsibility of the filmmaker.