Narrative or Documentary Feature submissions must be over 45 minutes in running-time of any medium; animation, live-action, etc.


Narrative or Documentary Short submissions must be under 45 minutes in running-time.


Indonesian Nationals (WNI) automatically qualify for free submissions.


Rules and Regulations

Films must have been completed within one year of the festival and without significant commercial or broadcast exposure. Films shown at other festivals or in limited non-commercial exhibitions are eligible.

Non-English language films must be either subtitled or dubbed in English.

A juried competition awards films in several artistic and technical categories.

Exhibition and Screening
Films must be provided in DCP format or Mov. A downloadable file is preferable.

The festival holds a number of events and exhibitions throughout the year where the film will receive proper credit and promotion.

Indonesian Submissions
We are dedicated to supporting Indonesian cinema and providing them opportunities to show their work to an international audience.

Submissions now open.

We would love to have your story, told through film, be heard by many. Accepting submissions for all categories including feature and short film – narrative or documentary.