Semua Sudah Dimaafkan Sebab Kita Pernah Bahagia | Free Entry

LANGUAGE: Indonesian, English
Paul Agusta, Katia Engel - Indonesia - 90 MINS


The film tells the story of Leon Agusta (1938-2015), a poet, cultural activist, and playwright who was born in Sigiran, Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra. Leon’s craft was fueled by pain of the past from the tragedies, betrayals, and the many instances love has touched his life. His activism was driven by his love of his birthplace and the betterment of others. Semua Sudah Dimaafkan sebab Kita Pernah Bahagia sees Paul Agusta; Leon’s youngest son recounts what he remembers of his father as well as following him to trace back Leon’s early years to find the roots of his passion and pain to further know the complex individual that was his father, Leon Agusta.