Ranam – Looking For Land

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
David Richard - Indonesia - 25 MINS

Short | Short, Family

A simple life, with all the limitations does not become a barrier to Mlintang, a male child living in a small village in the upper part of East Kalimantan, namely Melintang Village, Kutai Kartanegara district. Mlintang is a persistent child who likes to play football with his peers, and has the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. But this has not been done, because of limited natural conditions in the village which are far from the mainland, so there is no field to play. footballer. Yes, the village of Transverse is a village located in the middle of the Mahakam River, all their activities are carried out above the water. The difficulty of finding land, is a challenge for Mlintang and friends to channel hobbies and reach their dreams. Not only that, the trauma experienced by his mother made banned from playing football and it made him discouraged in reaching his goals.