Balinale 2018 is proud to present an exceptional selection of shorts, features, and documentaries in this year’s festival. Each of these reflect an outstanding quality of filmmaking and echoes our 2018 theme TIMELESS in demonstrating the extraordinary ability of film to communicate the largest of human stories, as well as the briefest moments of world changing emotion.

* All films not in the English Language will have English Subtitles

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Dluwang: The Past from the Trash

LANGUAGE: Indonesia – PG (DEWASA 13+)
Agni Tirta – Indonesia – 24 MINS

Short Film     Documentary

The Klithikan Market in Yogyakarta is both a meeting point for merchants and customers, and a public space for social interactions. Though labeled as a black market in the ‘90s, it remains to date in the middle of modern… Read More

Dolphin Man

Language: English, French, Italian, Greek, Japanese
Lefteris Charitos – Greece, France, Canada, Japan – 79 MINS


Dolphin Man draws us into the world of Jacques Mayol, capturing his compelling journey and immersing viewers into the sensory and transformative experience of free-diving.… Read More

Fear of Heights

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
Jovita Esmeralda – Indonesia – 8 MINS

Short Film     Drama, Romance

On one night, a couple uncover their own fear in relationship… Read More

Five (Lima)

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
Shalahuddin Siregar, Tika Pramesti, Lola Amaria, Harvan Agustriyansyah, Adriyanto Dewo – Indonesia – 110 MINS

Feature Film

Read More

Gatao 2: Rise of the King

Cheng-Kuo Yen – Taiwan – 127 MINS

Feature Film     Crime

Ren has finally succeeded his boss as the head of the North Fort Gang. For so long, his ambitions had been held back; now, he can realize them. But the ruthless Jian returns with his own gang. Though Ren and Jian were once like brothers, Ren’s position is challenged, causing tensions with Qing, his loyal captain. Now that former friends are enemies, what is the price of loyalty? What will be left of friendship when the smoke of battle clears?… Read More

Gay Phone!

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
Aaron Hart – Indonesia – 12 MINS

Short Film     Comedy, Drama, Romance

Iwan is a shopkeeper who hides the fact that he is gay. Inspired by the money that read the name and phone number he received, Iwan decided to write “I’m gay” and his phone number on a bill of 10 thousands, hoping… Read More


SATTAR CHAMANI GOL – Iran, Islamic Republic of – 95 MINS

Feature Film     Crime, Drama, War

Golmammad and Golnesa, a young Afghan couple, are illegal immigrants who are working in a traditional brick making kiln. Following the events happening to them, their lives undergo changes… Read More

Goodbye Christopher Robin | Free Entry

Simon Curtis – USA – 107 MINS

Family     Biography, Drama

A behind-the-scenes look at the life of author A.A. Milne and the creation of the Winnie the Pooh stories inspired by his son C.R. Milne.… Read More

Gwala Rising

Stephani Gordon – United States – 14 MINS

Short Film     Documentary

Gwala Rising in the Bwanabwana Islands depicts the revitalization of traditional conservation practices in the islands of Papua New Guinea. The community of Anagusa Island is combating the effects of climate change and… Read More

HAZE, It’s Complicated…

LANGUAGES: English, Indonesian
Isaac Kerlow – Singapore – 70 MINS

Documentary     Environment, Science

The burning of the peat forests throughout tropical Southeast Asia creates significant haze pollution that poses significant challenges to human health and the economies of the region. A government-sponsored… Read More

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