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Bali, 14 December 2007 – Short Films from Young Indonesian Independent Filmmakers were given an opportunity today to highlight their work during the special showing of Leonardo DiCaprio’s award-winning environmental documentary, “The 11th Hour”.

The Indonesian Ministry for Trade in association with Global Green USA (, 11th Hour Action (, and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation ( held the Bali screening for delegates from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change followed by a panel discussion of experts featured in the film. Produced by Tree Media Group, the documentary looks at global warming, deforestation, species extinction, and other global environmental challenges. The movie interviews over fifty environmental experts and is a call to action providing some of the solutions and new thinking humanity must embrace to save itself.

On 4 December 2007, participants in the Young Indonesian Independent Filmmakers Workshop were awarded by noted Indonesian actress and activist Christine Hakim for their excellent work in creating three short films about the environment. The film titles include, “The Plastic Hero” (Pahlawan Plastik), “Let’s Recycle” (Marilah Mendaur-ulang) and “Crisis in the Mangroves” (Krisis di Bakau). For the students, tutored by award-winning filmmakers Jean-Pierre Dutilleux (Belgium) and Les Guthman (USA), it was a dream come true. These films will be submitted to short film festivals abroad. Partially funded by the American Embassy (Jakarta), the next educational program is set to start in June 2008. The event brought to a close five days of films screenings at the inaugural Bali Taksu Film Festival (

The festival works towards increasing cultural exchange, understanding and collaboration between Indonesia and the world. Their mission is to develop understanding and respect for freedom of expression, human rights and intellectual property rights. The foundation will foster cross-cultural respect and tolerance through scriptwriting and filmmaking workshops, seminars and film festivals in cultural centers, museums and other community, educational and cultural venues in Indonesia and abroad.