Hong Kong Films to be featured in Balinale pre-event Jakarta, 5-7 November 2021

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21 October 2021, Jakarta: The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFA Academy), in collaboration with Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) announced details of “Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation 2021” in Jakarta, Indonesia 5-7 November.

The 3-day program featuring six recent Hong Kong releases, is offered free of charge at Plaza Indonesia XXI, Jakarta. Funding for the program is provided by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and Film Development Fund (FDF), and with the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta (HKETO Jakarta).

For more information on how you can register go to: www.balinale.com

The program will open with Septet: The Story of Hong Kong, the long-awaited omnibus film by seven of Hong Kong’s most revered auteurs – Sammo HUNG, Ann HUI, Patrick TAM, YUEN Wo Ping, Johnnie TO, the late Ringo LAM and TSUI Hark who come together to compose a symphony of stories about their beloved city.

Having made a significant impact with his directorial debut Tracey in 2018, director Jun LI’s second feature Drifting takes a close look at the homeless. It features an outstanding ensemble of actors and shows a sensitive approach to an important social issue.

Derek TSANG’s Better Days tackles thorny issues related to China’s education system and wider societal dysfunction. The film swept up eight prizes including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards. The 2019 film is Hong Kong’s first Academy Award submission nominated for Best International Feature Film since 1993.

Renowned Hong Kong production designer and art director MAN Lim-chung follows one of Hong Kong’s most influential filmmakers, Ann HUI, in his directorial debut Keep Rolling. This documentary focuses on HUI’s 40-year career, its ups and downs, her family and upbringing. HUI is the first Asian woman director to receive Venice’s Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Adam WONG’s The Way We Keep Dancing is the eagerly anticipated sequel to his popular 2013 success The Way We Dance on street dance culture in Hong Kong. The dancers, including Cherry Ngan and Babyjohn Choi from the original cast, are faced with gentrification of the district that has nurtured their creativity.

The Indonesia program will close with musician and actor CHIU Sin-hang’s impressive directorial debut One Second Champion. The film topped the box office upon release in March. Born with the ability to see one second into the future, a father takes up prize fighting to fund surgery for his hearing-impaired son.

“The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is committed to facilitating the long-term development of the Hong Kong film industry,” said Wilfred WONG, Chairman of the AFA Academy and Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, “the missions of the ‘Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation 2021’ are to strengthen film and cultural exchanges, provide an international platform for promoting relations between film businesses, and bring together film professionals from ASEAN countries. We are looking for close collaboration and cooperation among the regions.”
“One of the hardest parts of the Covid-19 pandemic has been audiences being cut off from the theatrical experience. Therefore, we are incredibly excited to collaborate with Create Hong Kong and the Asian Film Awards Academy in welcoming Indonesians to experience a wonderfully diverse selection of Hong Kong films that recognize the rich creativity of its cinema,” said Deborah Gabinetti, Bali International Film Festival Founder and President.

LAW Kin-wai, Director General of the HKETO in Jakarta, said “We are very happy to support the ‘Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation’ programs held in Jakarta, Indonesia and other major cities in the region. The films showing in Jakarta are all premieres in Indonesia, giving audiences the chance to get a first look at current Hong Kong productions from revered auteurs to promising young directors, as well as the variety and creativity of our film industry.”
In addition to Indonesia, the other three ASEAN countries to host the “Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation 2021” are Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
Films to be shown in Indonesia program are:

  • Septet: The Story of Hong Kong (Chinese: 七人乐队) | Friday, 5 November – 17:30#
  • Drifting (Chinese: 浊水漂流) | Saturday, 6 November – 13:00#
  • Keep Rolling (Chinese: 好好拍电影) | Saturday, 6 November – 15.50#
  • Better Days (Chinese: 少年的你) | Saturday, 6 November – 18:45 #
  • The Way We Keep Dancing (Chinese: 狂舞派3) | Sunday, 7 November – 14.15#
  • One Second Champion (Chinese: 一秒拳王) | Sunday, 7 November – 16.50#

All screenings are in original Cantonese language with English and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.
For additional information on titles, synopsis, and screening schedule updates please visit AFA Academy and Balinale.