Creating Music Together ~ Bali Film Center Collaborates with The Juilliard School on Art of the Score

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Friday, 4 November 2022 – Art of the Score was developed in 2021 by Dr. Edward Bilous, Director of the Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts as a program that supports collaborations between Juilliard students interested in creating original music for visual media and student filmmakers from around the globe.

Bali Film Center (BFC) submitted several Indonesian student short films to participate in the program and we are proud to announce the films selected for the inaugural Art of the Score:

  • Asa by Prisca Devani. Featuring original music by Benjamin Pawlak.
    An animated film that tells the story of Dian, a child bride whose dream of playing her favorite sport of badminton is cut short.

    Statement from the Filmmaker:
    “Despite our background differences and language barrier, this experience further taught us that art is indeed a universal language. With this collaboration, we feel like the composer is also helping us relay this story to reach a wider audience through their amazing music.”
  • Now(here) by Noah Tehusijarana. Featuring original music by Benjamin Pawlak
    A conflict between a mother and her university student daughter tests traditional family obligations. 

    Statement from the Filmmaker:
    “Being selected for Art of the Score is a tremendous honor for me and my team. As we know, our industry is all about collaboration so to have the privilege of working with students from Juilliard has been an experience I will highly treasure.”
  • Sunday by Ezra Cecio and Elvina Kurniawan. Featuring original music by JP. Redmond
    A father must accept the choices of his estranged daughter or risk losing her love forever. 

    Statement from the Filmmaker:
    “Cooperating with Juilliard gave me the understanding that music and sound are vehicles of imagination. Despite the challenges, we managed to understand each other by sharing our perspectives through the film.”

“I welcome the beginning of this exciting creative partnership with The Juilliard School. Through this prestigious program Indonesian student filmmakers have a unique opportunity to collaborate and grow as artists.” Deborah Gabinetti, Director of Bali Film Center and Founder of Bali International Film Festival is in New York attending the Art of the Score launch.

The collaborations between aspiring Indonesian filmmakers and Juilliard students and the production of the musical scores were mentored by Dr. Bilous and other faculty and staff at the Center for Innovation in the Arts at Juilliard.

“My colleagues and I at The Juilliard School are pleased to begin a collaboration with the Bali Film Center. Our composers are very excited by the opportunity to work with these talented young filmmakers.” Dr. Edward Bilous, Director of the Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts. 

The official launch of Art of the Score program of short films will be held on 10 November 2022 in Paul Hall at the Juilliard School where all three Indonesian films will be presented with other films from around the globe. 

This year’s program was developed in partnership with Bali Film Center and will showcase the films from the Juilliard collaboration during the Bali International Film Festival in June 2023. During the festival, Dr. Edward Bilous is scheduled to present a Masterclass to engage senior-level creatives as part of an ongoing exchange.

The other participating institutions are LA Film School, London Film School, SAE Indonesia, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Icelandic Film School, and Chamber Dance Project.

Art of the Score 2023 call for submissions is opening soon.


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