Bali Taksu Film Festival

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BALI, 25 November 2007 – The inaugural Bali Taksu Film Festival will be held 30 November – 4 December 2007. Hosted by Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation, this important event promises to attract internationally recognizable films and filmmakers.

Beginning in the early 1900’s, the exotic island of Bali has attracted trendsetters and filmmakers inspired by Bali’s spirituality, romance and adventure. Bali’s rich film history includes; Andre Roosevelt’s ‘Goona Goona’ (1932), Constance Bennet and husband Henri de la Falaise’s ‘Legong: Dance of the Virgins’ (1935) the last silent film produced by a major Hollywood studio (Paramount International) and anthropological films like Margaret Mead’s ‘Trance and Dance in Bali’, (1952).

BTFF will include Miguel Covarrubias’ original 1930’s film ‘Isle of Bali’, World Premiere of ‘The Rites of Peace’ (Directed and co-written by Marcus Sean McBain, Narrated and co-written by Dr Lawrence Blair, Produced by Mark Tuck and Lucien Thynne) plus the Indonesian Premiere of ‘ The Red Kebaya’ (L’Agenda Productions, Malaysia). In addition, there will be a number of environmentally themed films to coincide with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held on Bali (3-16 December). All BTFF screenings at the Galeria Cineplex 21 cinemas in Denpasar, for complete Festival Program:

In conjunction with the festival, the Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation is holding a series of Film Education Programs for young Indonesians. Academy Award nominee documentary filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Emmy nominated filmmaker Les Guthman and Indonesia’s award winning director Garin Nugroho and actress/producer Christine Hakim contributing to the first workshop.

The festival works towards increasing cultural exchange, understanding and collaboration between Indonesia and the world. Their mission is to develop understanding and respect for freedom of expression, human rights and intellectual property rights. The foundation will foster cross-cultural respect and tolerance through scriptwriting and filmmaking workshops, seminars and film festivals in cultural centers, museums and other community, educational and cultural venues in Indonesia and abroad.