Announcing Winners of 2nd Annual AICEF Prize for Cross Cultural Filmmaking in Conjunction with the Bali International Film Festival

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Bali, 24 August 2022 – Bali International Film Festival is pleased to announce the second pair of winners of the AICEF Prize for Cross Cultural Filmmaking as part of its relationship with USA’s highly regarded Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival.

The AICEF Prize is presented to a pair of first or second time feature filmmakers whose work robustly embraces cross-cultural themes either in the narrative or documentary genre. All the funding for this exchange of filmmakers is provided through a generous grant from the American-Indonesian Cultural & Educational Foundation [AICEF].

The feature films selected by each festival to receive the AICEF Prize tackle a subject that crosses cultural lines and advances our understanding of the issues, challenges and realities that people face in living in countries, communities or cultures that are unfamiliar or resistant to them.

Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) has this year selected Preman as its second AICEF Prize winner. Directed by Randolph Zaini, a first time feature director, this compelling narrative film tells the story of Sandi, a deaf thug who works for a gang disguised as a non-government organization, led by Guru. Sandi suddenly has to make a difficult choice to go against his entire gang when his son Pandu witnesses a murder committed by Guru. Sandi gets closer and closer to facing his tragic past that led him to the person he has become. Nominated for eight awards at Festival Film Indonesia, and the winner of two awards. Mr. Zaini will attend Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival (MNFF) held 24-28 August 2022 and participate in the film’s Q&A. Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, based in New York, Dr. Arifi Saiman will be attending the screening.

Deborah Gabinetti, Founder of the Balinale, said in announcing the AICEF winner, “I am delighted to present Preman as the winner of the 2nd annual American Indonesian Cultural and Educational Foundation Prize. This exciting film was chosen for its cross-cultural theme of the underworld versus the straight path told through the unique and independent voice of an incredibly impressive new filmmaker, Randolph Zaini”.

Balinale has a history of supporting important cultural programs that benefit thousands of aspiring Indonesians and of fostering relationships between Indonesia and the rest of the world through the outlet of film.

The American winner of the AICEF Prize for Cross Cultural Filmmaking is Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest. Directed by Nancy Svendsen, a first time feature filmmaker, the documentary tells the remarkable story of Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the indigenous trailblazer who battled racism, gender discrimination and political opposition in her quest to become the first Nepali woman to summit Mount Everest. Her courageous, tragic journey would greatly move her country, inspiring new generations to reach for their rights. Ms. Svendsen will be attending the screening and participate in the Q&A that will follow.

“We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to screen this significant and memorable film at MNFF8,” noted Lloyd Komesar, MNFF Producer. “The cross cultural themes in Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest are undeniably essential to the film’s impact and will illuminate a broad spectrum of Nepalese social and political culture.”

“Our prize for cross cultural filmmaking represents AICEF’s contribution to challenging inappropriate stereotypes that often exist between the world’s third (US) and fourth (Indonesia) largest countries,” said Wayne Forrest, AICEF Chairman. “It’s not just about people in one country viewing the films of another but also the creators themselves explaining their work and bridging cultural divides.”

Bali International Film Festival will take place in June 2023
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