2023 Balinale Winners Announced: “Women Talking” and Full List

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Bali, Indonesia, 3 June 2023 – Jury Members of the Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) announced the winning films.

The annual film event included filmmakers and industry leaders coming together to raise a glass in honor of the selected films in celebrating the films’ captivating stories and the incredible creative and technical teams that made them happen.

Short Documentary

Winner: Behind the Seen | Robin Gurney & Lawrence Blair, Indonesia

Jury statement

An epic tale that serves as a poignant reminder of our humble place as guests in a wondrous universe. We find ourselves longing for a lengthier exploration of this narrative and harboring hope that the filmmakers will undertake the task of editing it into a feature version, as well as transforming it into a captivating series. The storytelling is flawless, with a perfect narrative crafted by a truly exceptional
storyteller. Dr. Lawrence Blair stands alone in possessing the remarkable ability to elevate a documentary into an extraordinary epic tale.

Special Jury Mention

Forgotten | Roberto Natali (Indonesia)

This is a story that sheds light on the dedicated organizations and individuals striving to eradicate the issue of waste, which has been plaguing Bali’s pristine environment for several decades. The film follows these groups as they work tirelessly to raise awareness among both the Balinese community and the island’s visitors.

Short Narrative

Winner: Please Hold the Line | Tan Ce Ding, Malaysia

Jury statement

In a remarkably concise timeframe, this film adeptly delves into numerous intricate issues. It astutely portrays the diverse spectrum of socio-economic challenges prevalent within its country, where individuals from underprivileged backgrounds are compelled to seize the readily available yet morally questionable opportunities. The narrative goes beyond the main character, encapsulating the collective struggle of the underprivileged who are coerced into becoming “predators” in order to survive, even if it means sacrificing their own kin.

Special Jury Mention

Las Visitantes | Enrique Buleo(Spain)

Every moment from a bird’s-eye view was filled with delightful simplicity and a genuine connection to the subject matter. It felt like embarking on a journey alongside the characters, where humor effortlessly intertwined with the unfolding narrative.

Feature Documentary

Winner: Crows Are White | Ashen Nadeem, Ireland

Jury statement

What truly captivated us about this particular film was the exceptionally challenging access it managed to attain. The filmmaker’s unwavering tenacity to persist in creating the film, despite numerous instances of denied access during its production, stood out prominently. However, the most crucial aspect was the emotionally charged ending within this intricate narrative that explores the collision of Muslim, Buddhist, and Western beliefs.

It is undoubtedly a must-watch experience.

Feature Narrative

Winner: Women Talking | Sarah Polley (USA)

Jury statement

The intense drama and constant anticipation of what would unfold next kept us engaged throughout. While we believed we had an idea of how the ending would transpire, the filmmaker skillfully crafted an unexpected conclusion. The acting performances from a multitude of previously unseen characters were exceptional, deserving of five stars. This film holds significant importance within the Women empowerment, making it a truly significant piece of cinema.

Gary L Hayes Award for Indonesian Filmmaker

The Tone Wheels | Yuda Kurniawan (Indonesia)

An outstanding endeavor that transported us into the backstreets of Jakarta on a captivating musical journey. It depicts a busking village where dreams flourish, despite the scarcity of resources and equipment. Against all odds, the filmmaker beautifully showcases the massive aspirations of the characters, painting a vivid picture of their resilience and determination.

This is exactly the type of filmmaker Gary L. Hayes would encourage and certainly recognize in their unique and independent voice.

American Indonesian Culture and Education Foundation Prize

Orpa | Theo Rumansara (Indonesia)

This film encapsulates the challenges faced by a young woman as she strives to carve her own path, breaking free from the constraints of societal expectations and traditional norms. Set against the backdrop of the captivating Papua Island, the filmmaker brings an authentic perspective to the narrative. It is a compelling exploration of personal growth and empowerment, highlighting the unique
experiences and struggles of individuals in this region.

Committee Choice Award

The Art of Giving | Mickael Couturier (Indonesia)

Going beyond the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, the filmmaker wholeheartedly embraced their subject demonstrating a deep connection and love for them, their dedication was so profound that they devoted years of their life to the characters they began filming. Their passion and commitment shine through in the final result, creating a truly impactful and intimate cinematic experience.

Balinale 2023 Jury Members

  • Djenar Maesa Ayu (IDN), Author, producer, director
  • Michela Scolari (ITA), Producer, writer, director
  • Richard Todd (AUS), Documentary Filmmaker
  • Jomon Thomas (AUS), Executive Producer
  • Jason Allan Neal (USA), General Manager of Original Content and Innovation, Fremantle

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