15 th Bali International Film Festival  —  AWARD WINNERS

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Bali, Indonesia — On 11 June, the third and final day of competition, the Jury of the Bali International Film Festival announced the winning films in four categories

Many leading filmmakers and notable personalities gathered for the annual award ceremony to celebrate the films selected —  as well as their exceptional creative and technical teams —  for their captivating storytelling and quality of the filmmaking. 

Short Documentary

Winner   Homebound | Ismail Fahmi Lubis, Indonesia

Jury statement

The film, in a simple but intimate way, presents a character with the complexity of problems ranging from living as a migrant worker, COVID-19, single mother. The use of animation in the documentary, which is quite new among Indonesian documentaries, becomes an effective form and a clever choice as a solution to the problem of limitations for having real footage during the pandemic.

Special Mention: Dusk Till Dawn (Da Boca da Noite à Barra do Dia) | Tiago Delácio, Brazil

 An interesting film about a spiritual journey, a life transformation of a modest farmer, which also can change our perception of life after we watch it. The richness and personality of the storytelling and performance draws the viewer in. The film opens a window on a culture in an approach with seems to echo the playfulness of the content.

Short Narrative

Winner: Murder Tongue | Ali Sohail Jaura, Pakistan

Jury statement

This is a beautiful short film packed a lot of punch, especially with the numerous ways the topic was explored through the metaphors of speech and silence. Through a proper cinematographic treatment, this film becomes an affecting look at violence against marginalised communities that makes a strong statement about ethnic politics in South Asia while transcending the cultural context in which it takes place, in an universal language.

Feature Documentary

Winner: My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan | Phil Grabsky and Shoaib Sharifi, United Kingdom

Jury statement

An extraordinary film making to have the foresight and perseverance to follow a character who eventually becomes emblematic to the life of an entire country. The structure of starting with tragic recent events and then flashing back to the same character as a 7-year-old, maintains tension that keeps the film on a high level throughout and in gaining the trust of a family to extent to be allowed to film some of their most sensitive personal moments.

Feature Narrative

Winner: Inside a Funeral Hall | Ho-hyun Lee (Republic of Korea)

Jury statement

It’s a terrific script, and shows an impressive directorial ability to keep us deeply engaged with a great myriad of characters and stories at once. The unique claustrophobia of the funeral hall setting is used perfectly, and the fine balance of emotion, intrigue and humour are a treat.

Special Jury Award

Winner: Mentawai: Souls of the Forest | Joo Peter (Germany)

Mentawai invites us to a world so few have experienced. A world of depth and beauty that is under enormous threat. This deeply moving perspective comes from a talented writer and director, Joo Peter of Germany, who through footage he’s created and gathered gives us access to the stunning physical world, the cosmology, and the courageous heart of the Mentawai people, the last Indigenous inhabitants of Sumatra’s archipelago.

Gary L Hayes Award for Emerging Indonesian Filmmaker

Udin’s Inferno | Yogi S. Calam (Indonesia)

Religious beliefs and a conflict of superstition told in a very entertaining and humors way that engages the audience from all background. This is exactly the type of filmmaker Gary L. Hayes would encourage and certainly recognize in their unique and independent voice.

American Indonesian Culture and Education Foundation Prize

Preman | Randolf Zaini (Indonesia)

Preman is a tour de force. It’s incredibly impressive for a first-time filmmaker. Underworld vs the straight path, the hearing vs the deaf – these are some of its cross-cultural themes. It’s an exciting film by an exciting new filmmaker and an great representation for the 2nd annual AICEF Award. Presented by last year’s winner of AICEF’s inaugural Anji Sauve’ Clubb for Nomad in the City

Committee Choice Award

Winner: Preman | Randolf Zaini (Indonesia)

Balinale 2022 Jury team

  • Ismail Basbeth (IDN), producer, director, writer, songwriter
  • Robert Chappell (USA), cinematographer, director
  • Robin Gurney (CAN), producer, director
  • Kelli Swazey (USA), writer, director
  • IGP Wiranegara (IDN), documentarian.

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The festival actively participates in global industry events, and has professional associations with major studios and distributors. Balinale has established affiliations with like-minded institutions and organisations including Asia Pacific Screen Awards, ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards, Asian Film Commissions Network, Motion Picture Association, American Film Showcase, Sundance Institute’s Film Forward, and NYC’s The Juilliard School.
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