14th Bali International Film Festival Wrap-Up

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Press Release 2021 Balinale Wrap up

Bali – Indonesia, 17 November 2021 – The Bali International Film Festival has concluded its 14th edition in a triumphant fulfillment of its deep commitment to the filmmaker and their audience.

In celebrating the art of cinema, in-competition films where shown free of charge to full houses in a return to the big screen, bringing the magic of the theatrical experience back to Bali 11-14 November. The festival’s extended online program presented a diverse selection of films showing until 17 November. In total, there were 48 films from 26 countries shown that were selected for the canceled 2020 festival.

Prizes were awarded in five categories: Best Narrative Short Anna, director Dekel Berenson, Best Narrative Feature Supernova, director Bartosz Kruhlik, Best Documentary Feature Newtopia, director Audun Amundsen, Special Jury Mention Matahari Terbit di Hutan (Sunrise in the Forest), director Samuel Ruby, Best Documentary Short Atordoado, Eu Permaneço Atento (Stunned, I Remain Alert), directors Henrique Amud, Lucas H Rossi and Gary L Hayes Award for Emerging Indonesian Filmmaker went to director Destian Rendra Pratama, Ora Srawung, Mati Suwung (A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies).

Film actor Ario Bayu, accompanied by cast and crew of the Bali-based fantasy Frangipani Rising, told the audience that day that returning to theatres to experience film is imperative for the shared communal experience and the way a director intends a film to be seen and appreciated.

Like Ario, who has been a supporter of the festival since the early years, another returning festival friend is multitalented director and ambassador of Indonesian culture Garin Nugroho. Garin was the recipient of this year’s Bali Taksu Award for Inspiring Creativity. “Garin exists amongst that rare group of artists that have truly shaped their country’s cultural direction and yet he has given time and support to the Bali International Film Festival, inspired countless aspiring filmmakers, and continues to create new projects,” said Deborah Gabinetti, Festival Founder.

An essential part of the festival is the Bali Film Forum, a popular industry-only gathering to support the country’s film development. This event drew many filmmakers and leaders of production. It was presented by Arie Dagienkz, and Iwan Setyabudiman. Among the attendees were Lasja F Susatyo, Richard Oh, Nia Dinata, Putrama Tuta, Anggi Frisca and Benny Kadarhariarto, Titien Wattimena and Melissa Karim. This year’s theme was blockchain technology in applications to serve the film industry.

New onscreen talents and emerging filmmakers appeared throughout the festival as the bright future in an enormously creative Indonesian film world. Among the rising stars present were directors Destian Rendra and Samuel Ruby, actresses Lintang Pandu and Sheila Miranda Bell, and writer Imarotul Izzah.

The impressive animation work Sabda Alam by RUS Animation Studio, the Kudus, Central Java, technical school SMK RUS (Raden Umar Said), was presented by the school CEO Roy who brought many of these talented students to the festival.

A truly hybrid festival, the schedule of regulated in person screenings at Park 23 Creative Hub, Cinema XXI Kuta Bali were paired with digital offerings shown for an extended period 11-17 November.

Earlier this year, Bali International Film Festival announced the creation of new professional affiliations with organizations committed to connecting the world through film. AICEF Prize for Cross-Cultural Filmmaking awarded to a pair of first- or second-time filmmakers whose work robustly embraces cross-cultural themes. The Indonesian recipient Harvan Agustriansyah (Empu–Sugar on the Weaver’s Chair) was on hand to present his film.

The festival’s other important partnership is with the Asian Film Awards Academy presenting several outstanding and award-winning Hong Kong films in Jakarta. AFA Academy was formed in 2013 by Busan, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Film Festivals to highlight the Asian film industry and culture.

Festival guests from around the archipelago were flown to Bali with Official Airline Partner Citilink, one of the premier brands of Indonesia recognized for its award-winning service and management.

Bali International Film Festivals will move to May to better support this vibrant industry by providing a much-needed boost in the first half of the year. The 15th edition is scheduled for 26-29 May 2022.
Call for submissions to the 15th edition will open in December.

For more information on the festival and its programs, visit www.balinale.com or contact us at: press@balinale.com / +62 361 270 908

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