14th Bali International Film Festival Winners

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Bali, Indonesia On 13 November, the third and final day of competition, the Jury of the Bali International Film Festival announced the winning films in six categories and a date shift to May, 2022.
Many leading filmmakers also gathered for the annual Bali Film Forum, which focused on the potential of blockchain technology in supporting and funding Indonesian film projects.

Best Narrative Short
Anna, director Dekel Berenson

The jury praised its captivating storytelling of a powerful journey, taking the audience to the grim reality of a single mother’s life.
“Told with compassion and decency,” commented the jury, “this theme resonates with all of us who dare to dream, regardless of our background or nation.”

Best Narrative Feature
Supernova, director Bartosz Kruhlik

“Impeccably paced from its opening moments, and continually plays with the audience expectations,” notes the jury. “It takes a single idea and explores it to the extreme, towards a thematically satisfying conclusion.”

Best Documentary Feature
Newtopia, director Audun Amundsen

The jury pointed out that it is rare to see a documentarian immerse themselves so deeply in the story as did Amundsen.
“The result is a beautiful and highly personal film in which the director became incredibly close to the subject and indeed became changed by the process of his work.”

Special Jury Mention
Mata Hari Terbit di Hutan (Sunrise in the Forest), director Samuel Ruby

Recognized by the jury for its beautiful cinematography, with a commendation for the filmmaker’s choice of an Indonesian folktale as narrative.

Best Documentary Short
Atordoado, Eu Permaneço Atento (Stunned I Remain Alert), directors Henrique Amud, Lucas H Rossi

The jury stated, “it is extremely difficult to make a film on social issues and still engage the audience. Stunned, I Remain Alert achieves this through its expert combination of interview and archival footage. Its message is clear and necessary to us all.”

Gary L Hayes Award for Emerging Indonesian Filmmaker
Ora Srawung, Mati Suwung (A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies), director Destian Rendra Pratama,

The Festival Committee chose this winner, giving this statement, “this is a beautifully made film where every element is pitched perfectly to support the story with great restraint and tenderness. Each character is sympathetically drawn and has their own palpable hopes, dreams, and failures. Above all, a wonderfully human film from a fantastic new director.”
The jury was comprised of:
Nia Dinata, renowned director
Richard Oh, novelist and director
Anggi Frisca, cinematographer
Benny Kadarhariarto, cinematographer

Leading Indonesian filmmakers and industry professionals taking part in this year’s closed-doors forum included Titien Wattimena, Anggi Frisca, Nia Dinata, Benny Kadarhariarto, Yudi Datau, Putrama Tuta, Ilya Sigma, Melissa Karim, and Harvan Agustriansyah, amongst others.

The festival announces that future iterations of the festival will be held in May and centered in Sanur. The decision to move the dates was taken in consultation with Indonesian film professionals and will better support this vibrant industry by providing a much-needed boost in the first half of the year.
Sanur is renowned for its traditional laid-back fishing village atmosphere as well as its world class leisure and hospitality. This move to 26-29 May, 2022, also takes advantage of the island’s dry season.
Call for submissions to the 15th edition will open in December.
For more information on the festival and its programs, visit www.balinale.com or contact us at press@balinale.com / +62 361 270 908. Official photos are found at Bali International Film Festival on Flickr .

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