Participating Filmmakers

Cinematographer, Director

Robert Chappell

Bob became passionate in the Vietnam anti-war movement and joined what would become the Alternate Media Movement. Continuing his education at the New York University School of Film and Television, he photographed throughout the world ranging from the civil war in Lebanon, to a documentary series for HBO with director Elliot Erwitt, In Our Water, nominated for an Academy Award. And Errol Morris’s film The Thin Blue Line, which created a since much-imitated film style.

He directed a handful of feature films with Jakarta, bringing him to Indonesia beginning what became a 12-year life changing experience where he co-founded the largest full-service Production House in Indonesia, Grandview/Katena Films working with an endless number of the most talented Indonesian artists on a wide variety of projects both Indonesian and international.

Returning to the US, he collaborated with director Errol Morris on The Fog War which won an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary (2003). Politics continue to be a driver of many of his subsequent projects, Standard Operating Procedure, about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, The Unknown Known, portrait of Donald Rumsfeld, both with Errol Morris; Countdown To Zero, about nuclear disarmament with Lucy Walker, Bobby Fischer Against The World, about the fateful US-Russian chess match, with Liz Garbus, Generation Wealth with Lauren Greenfield, and Gringo:The Dangerous Life Of John Mcafee and the mini-series, HILLARY, both with Nanette Burnstein, MLK/FBI with Sam Pollard, as well numerous other notable feature length documentaries.

Filmmaker, Artist, Writer, Singer-Songwriter

Ismail Basbeth

Ismail is a self-taught filmmaker, artist, writer and singer-songwriter, alumni of the Berlinale Talent Campus in Germany and Asian Film Academy in South Korea where he won the BFC & SHOCS Scholarship Fund. Since 2005, he has working in film industry then he produced and directed various short and feature films which had been highlighted in prestigious national and international film festivals.

He is a producer and founder of Matta Cinema, an alternative production house which focuses on producing audience based artistic films by working with unique and creative directors for global audiences. He is also a producer, artist and founder of Bosan Berisik Lab, a non-profit foundation of interdisciplinary laboratory that empowers young filmmakers, artists and writers to create creative and experimental works on various mediums. Ruang Basbeth is his publishing company and also his personal room in exploring free-writing, narratives and storytelling in the context of social and cultural activities as a writer and singer-songwriter. 400kata (400words) / Short-Documentary-Experimental, Woo Woo (Or Those Silence That Kills You And Me) / Short-Fiction, Mobil Bekas Dan Kisah-Kisah Dalam Putaran (The Carousel Never Stops Turning) / Feature-Fiction, Her Shadow / Feature-Documentary, Her Soul / Feature-Documentary/, Kuyang (The Portrait Of A Nightmare) / Feature-Fiction. Ismail’s latest film Keluarga Cemara 2 will open Balinale 2022.

Director, Producer

Anji Sauvé Clubb

Anji is the inaugural AICEF 2021 Prize winner for Nomad Meets the City. She holds a master’s degree in urban planning from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and studied filmmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After several years working in the non-profit sector, Anji decided to pursue her passion for filmmaking and moved to Ulaanbaatar in 2014. Cumulatively, she has over fifteen years’ experience living and working in East Asia, having spent her formative years in between the US, Taiwan, and Australia. Anji’s background is in public policy, international development, and arts & entertainment. She holds a bachelor’s in Asia Studies from Georgetown University. Nomad Meets the City is Anji’s debut feature film.

Writer, Director

Randolph Zaini

As the eldest of three children, Randolph’s earliest venture in storytelling was telling bedtime stories to his younger siblings with the help of G.I Joe action figures as his cast. Preman is his feature directorial debut In Competition at Balinale 2022.

Born and raised in Indonesia, he earned his BAs in Philosophy and Film Theory from the University of Hartford, his MFA in Film & TV Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Randolph has experience in arts consultancy and on the Warner Bros Studio lot. He has created commercials, award winning short films, and live theatrical productions, as well as a sound designer. He has written numerous screenplays for his fellow directors.

Actor, Director

Khiva Iskak

Known for his notable performance in Preman (2021) where he performed all his own stunts and was able to capture the deaf character with a fine performance. Other roles as an actor include Gundala (2019) by Joko Anwar and Bangkit! (2016) by Rako Prijanto. Khiva has been a Best Actor nominee at Film Festival Indonesia and Film Festival Tempo (2021).

Khiva started his career by studying acting at theater learning centers, such as Bengkel Teater Rendra, founded by WS Rendra and Teater Popular, initiated by Slamet Rahardjo

Author, Filmmaker, Lecturer

Joo Peter

As a working-class kid, it took him a long time to get his hands on a decent camera but once he did his passion was born. After travelling in Asia for years, first as author and photographer, then filmmaker, Mentawai – Souls of the Forest is his first documentary feature after a series of short films. His style in developing a close relationship with the Indigenous community comes through in his storytelling along with his producer Ilona Grundmann, who also worked with Werner Herzog. Studied at Film University HFF Berlin Babelsberg, Art Academy Stuttgart

Director, Writer

Lee Hohyun

Lee has worked on many films as an assistant director. His film Inside a Funeral Hall is making its world premiere at Balinale and in competition for Best Feature Narrative. Graduated Life Science as a major in Cheongju University.