Keluarga Cemara 2

TitleKeluarga Cemara 2
SynopsisAs her family grows apart, Ara finds herself in loneliness.
Ever since Abah has become occupied with his new job, he rarely has time for her. The same goes with Emak, who has been trying to find a side job for extra income. To top everything off, Euis is entering puberty and demandsrivacy and no longer wants to share a bedroom with Ara.
The Cemara Family believed that family is the most precious treasure that one can have. But does this remain true?
Follow the journey of Abah, Emak, Euis, Ara, and the youngest Agil to discover what it really takes to stay as a family.
CreditDirector: Ismail Basbeth
Producer: Anggia Kharisma
Writer: Irfan Ramly
Screenwriter: Irfan Ramly
Film InformationGenre: Narrative
Premiere: World
Length: 1 hour, 54 minutes
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesia
Screening InformationOpening Night Film with Filmmaker
Thu 9 June @ 18.30