Rahim Puan

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Ningrum’s working in the garment factory as a tailor, forced to accept the agreement of uterine leasing by her dad Mujiono, as a matter of fulfilling his family debts from his bosses name Agus and Ajeng. The deal existed due to Ajeng’s desire to have a baby but couldn’t due to her fertility issue. Ningrum must accept if she will be married and impregnated by Agus, the agreement will be considered done after the child inside her womb is born and the child will be raised by Agus and Ajeng as their own child. Is Ningrum willing that her rights of loving and owning her body be snatched away?

Director: Muhammad Syahiddhan Abdillah Shobirin, Bayu S. Yusi
Writers: Nurul Nelwan
Producer: Ricky Zakaria, M. Syahiddhan Abdillah Shobirin

English Title: Twist and Turn of Woman
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: 20 minutes
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian

Virtual screening will be available from Thursday to Wednesday, 11-17 November 2021 on BookMyShow.