Nasi Padang – A Viral Adventure

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Nasi Padang – A Viral Adventure is a short feelgood documentary about Audun Kvitland who makes a love song about an Indonesian food dish called Nasi Padang after having been on vacation in the country. The song goes viral and is immediately heard by millions after he posted it on YouTube. Kvitland is invited back to Indonesia not knowing what to expect, but immediately after landing, he is greeted by a hallway of drummers at the airport.

Director: Audun Amundsen
Writers: Audun Amundsen, Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Audun Kvitland Røstad
Producer: Audun Amundsen

Genre: Documentary
Length: minutes
Country: Norway, Indonesia
Language: Indonesian, Norwegian

Virtual screening will be available from Thursday to Wednesday, 11-17 November 2021 on BookMyShow.