Udin’s Inferno

Udin's Inferno
TitleUdin’s Inferno
SynopsisThe story is about a middle-class 12-year-old boy named Udin, who becomes traumatized after reading a comic book that depicts torture in hell with a graphic and disturbing image that haunts him throughout the day. One of the sinners in the book is a person who has tattoos like his father. Udin’s trauma affects him not only when he is awake, but also in his sleep turning into a nightmare.
CreditDirector: Yogi S. Calam
Writer: Deo Mahameru
Producer: Sarah Rizkina
Film InformationGenre: Short Narrative
Length: 14 minutes, 44 seconds
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Screening Information
Virtual screening available from Thursday to Friday, 09-17 June 2022