The Angkasa Legacy

The Angkasa Legacy
TitleThe Angkasa Legacy
SynopsisJosh, a young man still recovering from his sister’s death, reluctantly joins a weekend getaway at his friend Michelle’s house. The weekend unravels awkwardly as he navigates his secret feelings for her and her possessive boyfriend. To make matters worse, at night, a strange Indonesian woman visits him in his dreams, forcing Josh to question his own grip on reality and unleashing a massive pulse of energy that takes him on a new and unexpected path.
CreditDirector: Soma Helmi
Writer: Soma Helmi
Producer: Steven Yee
Film InformationGenre: Short Narrative
Length: 21 minutes, 40 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Indonesian, English
Screening Information
Virtual screening available from Thursday to Friday, 09-17 June 2022