Sang Penakluk Ombak

Sang Penakluk Ombak
TitleSang Penakluk Ombak
SynopsisHaving made it through difficult times in the first 8 months since arrival COVID 19 to Indonesia which also coincides with the arrival of the wind phenomenon West which appears from April to October 2020, a fisherman at Sunda Kelapa Harbor tries to adapt and earn money by becoming ojek boats for tourists who are starting to appear little by little.
However, the number of tourists who appeared could not be matched by there are so many boat taxi service providers. The high competition between fellow fishermen, makes the fishermen return back to the sea.
CreditDirector: Leonardus Jalu Fernada
Writer: Leonardus Jalu Fernada
Producer: Ida Bagus Gede Darma Putra
Film InformationGenre: Short Documentary
Length: 9 minutes, 20 seconds
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Screening InformationVirtual screening will be available from Thursday to Friday, 09-17 June 2022