Luchsinger and the Gods

TitleLuchsinger and the Gods
SynopsisFour Swiss pensioners spend their old age in Bali for economic reasons. In their luggage, they carry memories and unresolved conflicts with them that have little to do with their new surroundings. And when one of them runs out of money even in cheap exile and the other, who is receiving a fat pension, looks death in the eye, they decide on a bold plan: to exchange their lives. A tragic comedy about identity abroad.
CreditDirector: Markus Andreas Köbeli
Writer: Markus Andreas Köbeli
Producer: Markus Köbeli
Film InformationGenre: Feature Narrative
Length: 1 hour, 39 minutes, 36 seconds
Country: Switzerland
Language: Swiss German
Screening InformationVirtual screening will be available from Thursday to Friday, 09-17 June 2022