SynopsisThe meeting of three 19th century Javanese artists, Ronggowarsito (1802- 873), Mangkunegoro IV (1811-1881), and Raden Saleh (circa 1811-1880). The 19th century was a difficult time for the Javanese. A turbulent century, especially for the Javanese people who had just survived the devastating conflict known as the Java War (1825-1830). After the Java War ended, Java entered a new order that can be called the modern era.
So how did the three greatest artists of the 19th century deal with the times?
CreditDirector: Subiyanto
Writer: Subiyanto
Producer: Subiyanto, Jepri Ristono
Film InformationGenre: Feature Narrative
Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes,
Country: Indonesia
Language: –
Screening InformationVirtual screening will be available from Thursday to Friday, 09-17 June 2022