Signed, Theo Schoon

TitleSigned, Theo Schoon
SynopsisAn intensely artistic soul is raised in the east, trained in the west, and replanted in the south. His artistic spirit guided him to cultural camaraderie, a strong liaison with the Maori community and the landscape – the legacy is re-considered.
Tracing the story of one of our more complex characters, this layered portrait re-examines the exploits of an influential outsider, Dutch immigrant artist Theo Schoon, told in his own words and through first-hand accounts.
CreditDirector: Luit Hendrik Bieringa
Writer: –
Producer: –
Film InformationGenre: Feature Documentary
Length: 1 hour 40 minutes
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Screening InformationVirtual screening available from Thursday to Friday, 09-17 June 2022