The Asian Film Awards Academy And Balinale Collaboration Present 6 Hong Kong Films For Asian Cinerama

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The Asian Film Awards Academy And Balinale Collaboration Present 6 Hong Kong Films For Asian Cinerama

JAKARTA – The Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) is back in collaboration with the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) at the second year. This year’s collaboration is aimed at strengthening the Asian cinema Asian promotion activity to be closer to its audience. As a form of collaboration, 6 Hong Kong films will be screened at the Asian Cinerama. The Asian Cinema Program is supported by the Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and the Film Development Fund (FDF). Titled Asian Cinerama Hong Kong Focus, the event will take place from Thursday 15 September to Sunday 18 September 2022, Plaza Indonesia XXI, Jakarta.

For this year, Asian Cinerama presents six (6), the latest release of Asian cinema from an established and promising young director. Here’s a story film (feature film) that will be present at the 2022 AFAA:

  1. SHADOWS (2020) Director: Glenn Chan Tells the story of a forensic psychiatrist with special powers. He was able to look into the subconscious mind of a social worker who had killed his family and he attempted suicide.
  2. MADALENA (2021) Director: Emily ChanDi city of Macau. Mada, a funeral worker who suffers from amnesia, works part-time as a taxi driver. One night, he escorted Lena, from a conversation between the two of them a friendship and eventually developed to give color to Mada’s life.
  3. ANITA (2021) Director: Longman LeungQueen of Canto-pop Hong Kong, Anita Mui became a cultural icon of the Hong Kong music and film industry in the eight decades and nine decades. Anita’s career began when she was four years old. Her whole life is dedicated to music.
  4. TABLEFor SIX (2022) Director: Sunny Chankin food brings together the family, but in this comedy film it is clear that not all family gatherings are a reason to celebrate. At Table for Six, how about the story of the three brothers who live together in the parent’s inheritance.
  5. CHILLI LAUGH STORY (2022) Director: Try ChengOne Keluarga menyadari bahwa rutinya kerja dari rumah pasca-COVID19 bisa membuat mereka gila. Hingga sambal buasan ibu mereka menjadi sensation bisnis online. 6. RAGING FIRE (2021) Director: Benny ChanBong adalah polisi yang sangat dihormati dengan sejarah keberhasilan dalam kasus-kasus berbahaya. Namun, masa lalunya segera kembali menghantuinya ketika mantan anak proteilnya berusaha memreventir terhadap semua orang yang telah berbalih kepadanya.

All films are screened in Kanton/Mandarin native subtitles in Indonesian and English.

“It’s a great honor to make SHADOWS a choice of opening films for the Asian Film Awards Academy’s Asian Cinerama, Jakarta. It was great and amazing that my film was used to start screening Hong Kong films. This film is my directorial debut. It’s fun because most of my childhood used to watching classic Hong Kong films. Now, I can be one of the creators,” said director Glenn Chan when contacted Tuesday, August 30.

More than a thousand film fans and industry professionals are expected to attend a four-day program screening of film curated specifically. Films that are able to provide entertainment to viewers through a combination of various genres ranging from thrillers, matches, dramas, and family comedy. This makes the Asian Cinerama the first collaboration program in the Road to Balinale 2023.