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Sarah Polley’s ‘Women Talking’ Wins at Bali Film Festival


Women Talking,” which won Sarah Polley an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, was this weekend named best narrative feature at the Bali International Film Festival (aka the Balinale).

Ashen Nadeem’s “Crows Are White” won the feature documentary prize and “The Tone Wheels,” by Yuda Kurniawan, was named winner of the Gary L Hayes Award for Indonesian Filmmaker.

The American Indonesian Culture and Education Foundation Prize went to “Orpa,” directed by Theo Rumansara. The film encapsulates the challenges faced by a young woman as she strives to carve her own path, breaking free from the constraints of societal expectations and traditional norms in Papua Island. Another prize, the Committee Choice Award went to “The Art of Giving,” by Indonesia’s Mickael Couturier.

This year’s 16th edition presented 45 films from 13 countries and was held at a multiplex in Ubud.