Promoting Indonesian Culture and Further Supporting the Film industry

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Bali International Film Festival, as the only international film festival in Indonesia, is a window to promote and spread the culture of Bali and Indonesia as a whole. Especially this year, in cooperation with the Asian Film Awards Academy, the event will showcase a series of selected Indonesian and Southeast Asian films to jointly promote Asian film culture.

Recently, a reporter from the Bali branch of the International Daily interviewed the founder of the festival, Mrs. Deborah Gabinetti about the festival’s background, its plans, and prospects in the present and in the future. The Festival Committee is tremendously grateful for the support they receive from hotels, airlines, and government agencies, especially the global film community is facing difficult pandemic conditions. By scheduling the festival for November 18-21, 2021, the festival aims to better provide the audience with a shared experience of film and celebrate returning to the cinema in a safe environment.

Deborah Gabinetti also recommends several films for readers, including “All is Love” which tells the inspiring story of Susi Susanti, a Chinese Indonesian who won the country’s first Olympic gold medal. A few other films that are recommended, namely:

  • Opera Jawa (2006) Garin Nugroho
  • Perempuan Punya Cerita (2008) Upi Avianto, Nia Dinata, Fatimah Rony, Lasja Fauzia Susatyo
  • Drupadi (2008) Riri Riza
  • Jermal (2009) Ravi Bharwani, Rayya Makarim, Utawa Tresno
  • Lovely Man (2011) Teddy Soeriaatmadja
  • A Copy of My Mind (2015) Joko Anwar
  • Nokas (2016) Manuel Alberto Maia
  • Night Bus (2017) Emil Heradi
  • Sultan Agung (2018) Hanung Bramantyo

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