Oliver Stone’s New Documentary Premieres

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Nuclear Now

Suara.com – The 16th Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) has been running from 1-4 June 2023. The event takes place at Park23 Crative Hub Cinema XXI, Tuban, Kuta, Bali.

As in previous years, Balinale 2023 is again presenting quality films and has participated in various prestigious film festivals around the world with the labels “World Premiere”, “Asian Premiere” and “International Premiere”.

Some of the films that also appeared included Sisu by director Jalmari Helander (Finland), Klondike by director Maryna Er Gorbach (Ukraine), Where the Wind Blows by director Philip Yung (Hong Kong). Also Women Talking by director Sarah Polley (United States).

Apart from that, Balinale 2023 will also award awards for the Long Narrative Film, Documentary and Short Film categories.

Meanwhile, Balinale is also very happy because director Oliver Stone submitted the film Nuclear as “Asian Premier”. This documentary tells the story of climate change and explores the possibility for the global community to abandon fossil fuels.

“I am very pleased to see our film, Nuclear Now, screened at the Bali International Film Festival. Our hope is that this film can be watched by a wide audience throughout Indonesia, one of the countries that plays the most important role in energy transfer and they must race against time,” said Oliver Stone to Balinale.

The following categories are up for grabs in the Balinale 2023 event:

Short Story Film

1. Witness, Director Aida Tebianian (Islamic Republic of Iran)
2. Kama (An Eternity), Director Esra Desvita Siagian (Indonesia)
3. Playground, Sutradara Yaxing Lin (United States)
4. Shut, Director Niels Bourgonje (Netherlands)
5. Please Hold the Line, Sutradara Tan Ce Ding (Malaysia)
6. The Visitors, Sutradara Enrique Buleo (Spanish)

Short Documentary Films

1. Lolitha, Director Azalia Muchransyah (Indonesia)
2. Behind the Seen, Sutradara Robin Gurney & Lawrence Blair (Indonesia)
3. 50 Years Around the Sun, Director Wyatt Daily (United States)
4. Forgotten, Director Roberto Natali (Indonesia)
5. Under Your Feet, Sutradara A.J. Kelly (Indonesia)
6. The Spider Whisperer, Director Amélie Jaya (Indonesia)
7. Achewiq, the Song of the Brave Women, directed by Elina Kastler France/ Algeria)

Film Documents

1. Crows are White, Director Ahsen Nadeem (Ireland)
2. The Tone Wheels, Director Yuda Kurniawan (Indonesia)
3. Turn Every Page, Director Lizzie Gottlieb (United States)
4. Big Wave Guardians, Director Luke Stirtz (United States)

Long Story Film

1. Sisu, Surtuzara Jalmari Helander (Finland)
2. Klondike, Director Maryna Er Gorbach (Ukraine)
3. Where the Wind Blows, Sutradara Philip Yung (Hong Kong)
4. Women Talking, Director Sarah Polley (United States)