Full Steam Ahead for a Festival of Film in Bali in September 2020

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The 14th Annual Bali International Film Festival – BALINALE – is set to return to Bali at its official venue partner of the two Cinepolis Cinemas located at Sidewalk Jimbaran Mall and Plaza Renon.

The complete festival program is being updated as the Festival draws near on the BALINALE Official Website.

Organizers remain confident that the Film Festival will take place from 08 until 13 September 2020. Changing conditions on the COVID-19 Pandemic and government guidelines on social distancing and public gatherings are continually reviewed and updated by BALINALE’s organizing committee to the official website.

The Bali International Film Festival (Balinale) is well known in the Indonesian film community for its specialized knowledge and the key role it plays in supporting and promoting regional filmmakers and independent cinema. The Festival is recognized globally for the diversity of its programming, comprised of Indonesian, Pan-Asian, and independent and award-winning international narrative, and documentary features and short films.

This year’s program will focus on the telling of local stories that build stronger communities, strengthen Indonesian-global cultural links, and foster understanding while bringing more awareness to international and local economic, social, and environmental issues.

Each year, through the support of its Founding Partner – Bali Film Center, Balinale will provide Submissions Waiver Grants to encourage aspiring Indonesian filmmakers to share their stories through film by submitting them for inclusion in the festival program.

So far this year, a record number of filmmaker submissions have been received by Balinale’s organizers.

Submission Date Deadline

Balinale: Indonesian national extended deadline 20 June 2020.

Bali International Film Festival has a history of supporting cultural programs that benefit thousands of aspiring Indonesian filmmakers by fostering international relationships through the creative outlet of film.

Deborah Gabinetti, executive director of Balinale, says: “Our goal is to strengthen further our ties with the global film community, and new exchange programs. We look forward to having the active collaboration of Indonesian stakeholders, like-minded organizations, and film associations, and academic institutions to participate in the overall program.”

Balinale has also announced the creation of the AICEF Prize for Cross-Cultural Filmmaking, and a new partnership with USA’s highly regarded Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival. The AICEF Prize will be presented at this year’s Balinale to a pair of first or second-time feature filmmakers whose work robustly embraces cross-cultural themes, either in the narrative or documentary genre.

Funding for this exchange is provided through a generous grant from the American-Indonesian Cultural & Educational Foundation [AICEF].

source: https://balidiscovery.com/news/full-steam-ahead-for-a-festival-of-film-in-bali-in-september-2020