Balinale, or Bali Film Festival, announces 2022 lineup

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Balinale, or Bali Film Festival, announces 2022 lineup

Balinale, or Bali Film Festival, has announced the complete festival lineup for the 15th edition, which is scheduled to take place from June 9-12 in Bali, Indonesia.

Established in 2007, the Bali International Film Festival, also known locally as Balinale, is recognized internationally for the diversity of its programming consisting of Indonesian and international independent and award-winning fiction, documentary, feature, and short films.

The festival is credited for the quality of its events where filmmakers from around the world come together to collaborate and share, helping us to achieve our goal of creating a gathering of global creativity.

alinale, or Bali International Film Festival, holds the honor of being endorsed by the National and Provincial Government for its proven efforts in delivering cultural, political, and economic benefits to the country.

The Bali International Film Festival has a juried competition with awards presented in several artistic and technical categories for Narrative Features, Documentaries, and Short Films.

Balinale 2022 Lineup

Official Selection – Short Narrative

  • “A Tale Before Nightfall” by Yusuf Jacka Ardana, from Indonesia
  • “A Scent of Chlorine (Candu)” by Haediqal Pawennei, from Indonesia
  • “A Daughter’s Lullaby” by Gisela Levy, from Indonesia
  • “Ain’t No Mercy for Rabbits” by Aliza Brugger, from USA
  • “Between Day and Night” by Darma Parawangsa, from Indonesia
  • “Before Fireworks” by Natania Gabriella Jansen, from Indonesia
  • “Footprints In The Forest” by Juhaidah Joemin & Sandra Khoo, from Malaysia
  • “Mireyita” by Orangel Lugo, from Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • “LA TUKAD’DJIB (DON’T LIE)” by David Richard & Richard Natan Oktavianus, from Indonesia
  • “Daisies and Sparrows” by Ervin Han, from Singapore
  • “Sachin Live From Pune” by Ganesh Devidas Kadam, from India
  • “Please…See Us” by Chaweng Chaiyawan, from Thailand
  • “Shakespeare for all Ages” by Hannes Rall, from Germany
  • “Splish Splash” by Andra Fembriarto, from Indonesia
  • “The Angkasa Legacy” by Soma Helmi, from USA
  • “Subuh (Miracle at Dawn)” by Achmad Rezi Fahlevie, from Indonesia
  • “Udin’s Inferno” by Yogi S. Calam, from Indonesia
  • “Ubiquitous19” by Taekyung OH, from USA
  • “Warmth” by Nathania Zaini, from USA
  • “The Echo of Silence” by Dhamar Gautama, from Indonesia

Official Selection – Short Documentary

  • “Sang Penakluk Ombak” by Leonardus Jalu Fernada, from Indonesia
  • “River” by Tonny Trimarsanto, from Indonesia
  • “The Story of a Balinese Buffalo Racer” by Marko Randelovic, from Indonesia

Official Selection – Narrative

  • “A New Old Play” by QIU Jiongjiong, from Hong Kong
  • “Follow the Dead” by Adam William Cahill, from Ireland
  • “Intersection” by Subiyanto, from Indonesia
  • “Luchsinger and the Gods” by Markus Andreas Köbeli, from Switzerland
  • “Quicksand” by Margot Schaap, from Netherlands
  • “Yanagawa” by ZHANG Lu, from China
  • “The Girl from Dak Lak” by Pedro Román & Mai Huyền Chi, from Vietnam

Official Selection – Documentary

  • “Signed, Theo Schoon” by Luit Hendrik Bieringa, from New Zealand

In Competition – Short Narrative

  • “The Recess” by Navid Nikkhah Azad, from Spain, Iran
  • “Murder Tongue” by Ali Sohail Jaura, from Pakistan
  • “Why Is It So Warm on Christmas?” by Choi Woo Gene, from Republic of Korea
  • “Ruthless” by Matthew McGuigan, from United Kingdom
  • “TRIS” by DJENAR MAESA AYU, from Indonesia
  • “The Miniaturist of Junagadh” by Kaushal Oza, from India

In Competition – Short Documentary

  • “Dusk Till Dawn (Da Boca da Noite à Barra do Dia)” by Tiago Delácio, from Brazil
  • “A Letter To My Wife” by Muhamad Ardan Arrazaq, from Indonesia
  • “Homebound” by Ismail Fahmi Lubis, from Indonesia
  • “Young and the Reckless” by Johnny Agnew, from New Zealand
  • “The 13th Note” by Karim Khorsheed, from United States
  • “Mentawai – Souls of the Forest” by Joo Peter, from Indonesia

In Competition – Narrative

  • “Preman” by Randolph Zaini
  • “The Coffin Painter” by Da Fei, from China
  • “Inside a Funeral Hall” by Ho-hyun Lee from Republic of Korea
  • “Solo on Icebergs” by Rouhollah Sedighi, from Iran