A Festival For Every Season: The Ethereal Festivals of Indonesia

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Balinale: The Bali International Film Festival

The most discerning audiences from around the world descend on the island of Bali in September, every year, for the much anticipated Bali Film Festival. This festival is favored for several reasons throughout the industry. Most obviously, it allows the archipelago an opportunity to showcase scouting opportunities among the iconic landscapes & indigenous tribal areas. The diversity of the program consists of local Indonesian, international, independent, documentary, fiction, feature & short films. Lastly, workshops and seminars are carried out throughout, with associated events where filmmakers, the world over, can relax informally discussing films and trends in this epic paradise.

On The Island of Bali,
Lippo Mall Kuta Jl. Kartika Plaza, South Kuta Beach

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In September Every Year

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