Lamafa – Kujirabito

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Lamafa - Kujirabito
SynopsisOn a volcanic island in the Savu Sea, Indonesia, the Lamalerans – the world’s last subsistence whalers – have survived for half a millennium by hunting whales with bamboo harpoons and handmade wooden boats powered by sails of woven palm fronds. This documentary provides a rare window into the culture and daily life of a subsistence whaling community in Indonesia, which is fading under the pressures of globalization, and portrays the hunts from the whales’ perspective, as they face death at the hands of the whalers.
At first glance, whale hunting looks cruel, but in the background, there is a profound Asian concept of living together with nature, and this village, which respects harmony with nature, is the ultimate example.
CreditDirector: Bon Ishikawa
Writer: Bon Ishikawa
Producer: Bon Ishikawa
Film InformationGenre: Feature Documentary
Premiere: Asian
Length: 1 hour, 52 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Indonesian
Screening InformationFri 10 June @ 14.00
Virtual screening available from Thursday to Friday, 11-17 June 2022