Bucolic – Bukolika

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Bucolic - Bukolika
TitleBucolic (Bukolika)
SynopsisDanusia and her daughter Basia live far away from the modern world, in tune with the rhythm and laws of nature, among animals and the spirits of the dead. The peace and sense of security offered by their enclave come at a price – the women increasingly long for contact with other people.
Bucolic is an affectionate observation of people who live in a different way. It evokes curiosity about their world and a desire to take a closer look.
CreditDirector: Karol Pałka
Writer: Karol Pałka
Producer: Karolina Mróz
Film InformationGenre: Feature Documentary
Premiere: Asian
Length: 1 hour, 10 minutes
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Screening InformationSat 11 June @ 11.30
Virtual screening available from Thursday to Friday, 11-17 June 2022