Indonesia Has Great Potential to Become a Film Production Site - Prior to the main Balinale event, a number of film industry professionals will gather from September 22-23 at the BalinaleX film Forum, an event that will focus on the commercial aspects of the film industry.

BalinaleX in its first implementation provides opportunities for stakeholders from the government, creative and commercial sectors to discuss the visual industry and entertainment ecosystems in Indonesia.

The founder of Balinale, Deborah Gabinetti said that Indonesia has great potential to become a production location for television series and films. Indonesia has a professional workforce that is experienced, a variety of spectacular locations and increasingly improved investment opportunities for the creative industry.

BalinaleX will hold a roundtable discussion with film industry experts who discuss commercial opportunities and difficulties and film and video production in Indonesia. A panel consisting of Indonesian and international executives, film associations and the government will present ideas on how to develop the film industry in Indonesia.

Experts who have confirmed their presence at BalinaleX include Gerlad V. Dibbayawan, CEO of Cinemaxx Group and Ruddy Salahudin, Deputy Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and SD Darmono, Chair of Jababeka Group. Adding to this list include Holywood producer Jay Stern, Donna Smith of Universal Pictures, and former NBC Network executive Vicki Horwits, as well as Sir Richard Branson (via video conference).

Deborah added that by gathering key players in the film industry from Indonesia and abroad, BalinaleX would help solve the problems faced by the Indonesian film industry, which would ultimately bring success to Indonesia.