Corona Virus Bali Indonesia

The new Corona Virus (Sars-CoV-2) in Bali

Tim Balinale berharap teman-teman di industri film dan televisi serta seluruh masyarakat tetap sehat dan aman di tengah wabah Corona Virus ini.⁣

Tetap #dirumahaja demi kesehatan kita semua.⁣

Mari kita terus saling mendukung sebaik mungkin.

The world has been hit by the new Corona Virus and it has also reached Indonesia and Bali.

The Indonesian government is very active in managing the situation and continues to take measures to stop the disease to spread further. There are some simple things we can do to avoid getting infected with Covid-19 and to avoid the disease to spread further. MAINLY: "SOCIAL DISTANCING"

Corona Prevention Measures

The problem is, that anybody can be at risk and be a risk to others, because we can carry the virus without any symptoms and therefore spread it without knowing.

There are two main goals, one is to stop the virus form spreading by enforcing "Social Distancing" and educating the public about how to avoid getting infected (and risking to infect others). And, the government's efforts to prepare the health system and underlying logistics in case more cases need to be verified (tests) and of course also treated.


Call 112 or 223333 (For Bali Area)

Call 119 ext. 9 (National)