Balinale 2019 is proud to present an exceptional selection of short, feature and documentaries in this year’s festival, many with the filmmakers in attendance. Each film reflects an outstanding quality of filmmaking and exceptional storytelling. Join us in showing our support and appreciation of these talented individuals.

* All Non-English Language Films will have English Subtitles


Note: All films are shown at Cinemaxx Sidewalk Mall Jimbaran. Family Film Program : Sunday 29 Sept is held at Cinemaxx Lippo Plaza Sunset.

Dan Kembali Bermimpi (A Trip to Malilo)

Thurs 26 Sept, 20.00

LANGUAGE: Indonesian
Jason Iskandar | Indonesia | 13 MINS

Short | Sci-Fi, Short, Thriller

One day in 2030, on her escape from the Islamic State of Indonesia, a young woman was trapped by her abusive lover, and a priest who was abducted to marry them.… Read More

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Wed 25 Sept, 20.30

LANGUAGE: Indonesian, English Paul Agusta | Indonesia | 92 MINS Feature | Drama, Romance Daysleepers tells the story of two people who choose to live on slightly different frequencies from … Read More

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Dendang Bantilang (The Song of Bantilang)

Sat 28 Sept, 13.30

LANGUAGES: Indonesian, Melayu, Konjo
Muhammad Ikhwan Muharram | Indonesia | 20 MINS

International Premiere
Short | Drama, Famlily, History

This Movie is based on true story. It true story tells about a young boy who is always faced by situation that is left and at the end he is the only one left to continue his ancestor legacy in the spirit of PINISI ship… Read More


Det Viktigaste Nu Är Att Må Dåligt (What’s Important Now is to Feel Bad)

THURS 26 SEPT, 16.00

Björn Perborg | Sweden | 5 MINS

Asian Premiere
Short | Drama

During a compulsory information meeting for unemployed people, the friendly face of a ridiculous, Kafkaesque bureaucracy exposes the truth behind unemployment.… Read More



Fri 27 Sept, 16.15

LANGUAGE: English, German
David (DAVI.IN) Aufdembrinke | Germany | 23 MINS

Short | Experimental, Drama

Ridden by thoughts of death and failing his life, a young man tries out what happens if he assumes that everything was possible … and goes far beyond anything he ever imagined.… Read More


El Tamaño de las Cosas (The Size of Things)

Sat 28 Sept, 11.00

Carlos Felipe Montoya | Colombia | 12 MINS

Short | Adventure, Fantasy

Diego lives with his father in a house without things, without furniture, without anything. One day he finds a chair deep in the woods and desire of possession arises.… Read More

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Fakh (The Trap)

Wed 25 Sept, 21.00

Nada Riyadh | Egypt, Germany | 20 MINS

Short | Drama

In the peculiar set up of a deserted and run-down Egyptian seaside resort in wintertime, a young unmarried couple arrives to make love. The power dynamic between them is tested, when the girl reveals… Read More

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Foxtrot Six

Sat 28 Sept, 17.30

Randy Korompis | Indonesia, USA | 114 MINS

filmmaker attending
Feature | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

A former marine and his friends struggle to save Indonesia from a ruthless party leader.… Read More

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Gejog (Mist of The Past)

Sat 28 Sept, 13.30

Christian Banisrael | Indonesia | 15 MINS

Short | Drama

Dipa, a ten-year-old Javanese boy grapples with both real and myth spirit armies.… Read More

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Hãy Tỉnh Thức Và Sẵn Sàng (Stay Awake, Be Ready)

Wed 25 Sept, 15.30

LANGUAGE: Vietnamese
Pham Thien An | Vietnam, South Korea, USA | 14 MINS

Short | Drama, Mystery

On a street corner a mysterious conversation among three young men at a street stalls.

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