We wish to thank our remarkable jury of filmmakers and community leaders for their time and effort in selecting this year’s winners;

  • Best Feature: Saeng-Il (Birthday) (Director Jong-Un Lee, Republic of Korea)
  • Best Documentary: Bruce Lee and The Outlaw (Director Joost Vandebrug, Netherlands)
  • Best Short Subject: The Wind Phone (Director Kristen Gerwick, USA)
  • Gary L Hayes Award for Best Emerging Indonesian Filmmaker: (Director Rama Bayu Aji, Sarvani Bhutani (All Living Beings)
  • Special Mention: Tungrus (Director Rishi Chandna, India)

The jury stated that “it was extraordinarily difficult for us to choose just one film in each category as the selection was a wonderful mix of styles and stories all with exceptional quality.”

Maryanne Redpath, Head of the Generation Section of the Berlin International Film Festival has confirmed as a featured speaker at this year’s festival. Berlinale Spotlight Generation will take place in cooperation with the upcoming Balinale on an artistic as well as on an industry level. Redpath will take up duties on the Balinale International Short-film Jury.

Cornelio Sunny , a successful producer and Indonesian actor. His first feature The Sun, The Moon & The Hurricane competed in Vancouver International Film Festival. Sunny starred in one of Indonesia’s highest budgeted action films 3 Alif Lam Mim while also working internationally on HBO Asia series Halfworlds. His first co-production Another Trip to The Moon competed in Rotterdam, Moscow, Poland and Japan. Other films include The Carousel Never Stops Turning, Arini and Taufiq. The Portrait Of A Nightmare is schedule to release 2020.

Fátima Lianes, Wild Mind Films. Former Head of Content Asia for Mediapro, Lianes executive produced Spain in a Day (Isabel Coixet) and producd The Young Pope (SKY / HBO) (Paolo Sorrentino). Documentaries include; Thou Shalt Not Kill, Daughters of Al Shabbab, Red or Death, and Africa Uncensored. She just completed her latest film, An Unholy Alliance and DIO C´É (God is Here).  Lianes focuses on issues that raise social awareness around the world.

Paul Agusta, Director & actor studied in the USA beforen returning to Indonesia in 2003. Former critic, festival manager, and curator, he has since focused his work
as a film and video-maker. His feature films include; “Kado Hari Jadi”, “Di Dasar Segalanya”, “Parts of The Heart”, “All is Forgiven For We Have Been Happy” co-directed with Katia
Engel, and “Kisah Dua Jendela (Daysleepers). Agusta is currently preparing his 6th feature “Sayembara!”.

Popo Danes, renowned Balinese architect is known for his exemplary designs that showcase a distinct flair of being in harmony with the local culture and nature. An advocate for the long-term future of Bali, his style is classic and unpretentious; he designs buildings that are aesthetically beautiful and in keeping with the environment. Popo’s pro-environmental approaches in creating architectural masterpieces later won him numerous contracts in various place in Asia and the Pacific.

David Metcalf, Founder of the annual International Indigenous Film Festival Bali that brings together filmmakers and indigenous films from Indonesia and around the world. As a professional photographer, Metcalf runs unique photography and cultural experiences to indigenous communities in Kalimantan, Indonesia. He is also producer of the full length documentary drama Long Saan the Journey Back.

Dr. Lawrence Blair, internationally recognized authority on Indonesia having spent much of the past thirty-eight years exploring and making films in the country.  His credits include; Myths, Magic and Monsters, Bali – Island of the Dogs and Ring of Fire, which won two Emmy awards and writer, field-producer and presenter on feature documentaries as "BARAKA", and "RING OF FIRE - Volcanoes of the Pacific Rim". Blair is Honorary Chairperson of the Balinale.