Bali International Film Festival 14th Edition

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At Balinale, we strongly favor theatrical screening from a technical projection and shared experience perspective. There is nothing compared to seeing the images up on the big screen to do justice to the thousands of hours of craftsmanship involved in their creation.

Bali International Film Festival 2021 Team

Since 2007, thousands of people have enjoyed Indonesian and international independent and award-winning documentaries, narratives and short films. This year, in accordance with government SARS-CoV-2 protocols and to safeguard the health and well-being of our audience and staff, Balinale 2021 will be held as a combination of online and regulated in-person events designed to celebrate the world of cinema and to keep Bali in the hearts and minds of people. Our main event programs are as follows.

Bali Film Summit (Invitation Only)

Harness the power of film to drive Indonesia’s growth and development—cultural as well as commercial. As an industry insider, Balinale gathers policymakers, stakeholders, and international and Indonesian industry professionals to discuss how to increase Indonesia’s exposure and potential for film investment.
Over 50 professionals from the country’s creative sectors will be invited to have an important seat at the Bali Film Summit. Producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, and cinema owners meet to discuss the future of Indonesia’s film and television industry.

Screenings and Film Premieres

This year’s Balinale will provide a curated program that combines virtual and live screenings over the 4-day event. The festival will present a dedicated section to celebrate the films that were selected for its 2020 edition but not presented due to the festival being canceled. All films are LSF certified.


Awards to be presented in several artistic and technical categories in recognition of our 2020 selections.