A collaboration with The Juilliard School

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Balinale is collaborating with the prestigious private performing arts conservatory in New York City (1905).

Bali Film Center (BFC) submitted several Indonesian student short films to participate in the program through its affiliated Bali International Film Festival (Balinale).

The films chosen to take part are:

Asa by Prisca Devani. An animated film that tells the story of Dian, a child bride whose dream of playing her favorite sport of badminton is cut short.

Now(here) by Noah Tehusijarana. Conflict between a mother and her university student daughter tests traditional family obligations.

Sunday by Ezra Cecio. A father must accept the choices of his estranged daughter or risk losing her love forever.

The artistic process between the Juilliard student composers, musicians, and aspiring Indonesian filmmakers. Developed in 2021 by Dr. Edward Bilous, Director of the Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts, the program supports collaborations between Juilliard students interested in creating original music for visual media and young filmmakers from around the world.

“My colleagues and I at The Juilliard School are pleased to begin a collaboration with the Bali Film Center and the talented young artists they represent. Our composers are very excited by the opportunity to use their craft to make significant artistic contributions to these wonderful films”, Dr. Edward Bilous, Director of the Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts.

The formal launch of the partnership with The Juilliard School will be held in Jakarta in November 2022 personally presented by Juilliard Director Edward Bilous where we will screen the completed films and conduct a Masterclass for senior-level Indonesian composers and filmmakers.

Balinale will introduce the Art of the Score collaboration during the 2022 program.

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