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Balinale is the Bali International Film Festival, founded in 2007 by Deborah Gabinetti of the Bali Film Center (BFC), a private company providing professional services for film and television production throughout Indonesia since 2002.

Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Location Managers Guild International, ATA Carnet Film Organization, Founding Member of Asian Film Commissions Network of 18 countries, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Sundance Film Forward, American Film Showcase, HK International Film Festival, and Asian Film Awards Academy.

International recognition for the diversity of Balinale programming, top quality associated events where local and international filmmakers discuss films, trends, co-production opportunities and the demands of a growing, fast paced industry.

Balinale is known for its specialized knowledge and importance in promoting Indonesian cinema, art and culture, acting as a platform for education and filmmaker development.  It has a long history of supporting established and aspiring local filmmakers with workshops and seminars plus a special preview of upcoming Indonesian releases.

Bali Governor’s Office, Badung Regency Bali, and the Ministries of Industry, Tourism, Education and Culture have endorsed Balinale in recognition of its proven efforts to deliver cultural, political and economic benefits to the country.  The Indonesian Film Boards & Associations have endorsed Balinale for encouraging growth of the domestic film industry.

As a community-based event, the festival strongly supports the community with its children’s charity program and student workshops as an important part of the program.

  • Ticket price: IDR 25.000 / per person per film or IDR 40.000 for 2 persons
  • Registration required for admission to the in-person screenings opens 21 May on Townscript https://www.balinale.com/festival/
  • The festival’s Online Program is available from 9-12 June on Book My Show https://balifilmfest.bigtix.io/
  • Program and schedule subject to change
  • Non-English language films have English subtitles

For 2022, we are collaborating with Hong Kong International Fim Festival and Create HK.

Making Waves: Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema:

  • Breakout Brothers (2020) Director: Mak Ho-pong
  • Drifting (2021) Director: Jun Li
  • Hand Rolled Cigarette (2020) Director: Chan Kin-Long
  • Septet: The Story of Hong Kong (2020) Directors: Patrick Tam, Ringo Lam, Ann Hui, Johnnie To, Woo Ping Yuen, Tsui Hark, Sammo Hung
  • Infernal Affairs (Restored) (2002) Director: Andrew Lau, Alan Mak
  • Rouge (Restored) (1987) Director: Stanley Kwan

Films In Competition this year, 4 Categories:

Feature Documentary

  1. Lamafa – Kujirabito, Director: Bon Ishikawa (Japan)
    On the volcanic island in the Savu Sea of Indonesia, the Lamaleran people are the world’s last subsistence whalers. They have survived for half a millennium by hunting whales with bamboo harpoons and handmade wooden boats powered by sails of woven palm fronds. The harpooners are called lamafa in the local language.
  2. Bucolic – Bukolika, Director: Karol PaÅka (Poland)
    Danusia and her daughter Basia live far away from the modern world, in tune with the rhythm and laws of nature, among animals and the spirits of the dead. The peace and sense of security offered by their enclave come at a price: the women increasingly long for contact with other people.
  3. My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan, Director: Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi (United Kingdom)
    A real-life epic of boyhood and manhood – filmed across twenty years in one of the most embattled corners of the globe – Afghanistan.
  4. Mentawai: Souls of the Forest, Director: Joo Peters (Germany)
    The last indigenous people of the archipelagos of Sumatra: culture on the verge of extinction – with the latest geopolitical developments, the destruction of their habitat reaches the point of no return.

Feature Narrative:

  1. The Coffin Painter, Director: Da Fei (China)
    Mr. Jia and Seven come to the town and become neighbors under different circumstances. From indifference to being attached, they look to each other for a new life.
  2. Inside a Funeral Hall, Director: Ho-hyun Lee (Republic of Korea)
    Sang Eun, who’s been secretly fighting cancer, goes to his grandmother’s funeral. There he sees his family members focusing more on how much they’ll be inheriting instead of remembering his grandmother. That makes him imagine what his funeral will be like.
  3. Solo on Icebergs, Director: Rouhollah Sedighi (Islamic Republic of Iran)
    Younes is about to return home after being gone for twenty-four years due to his father’s strict disciplinary rules and unsupportive behavior.
  4. Preman, Director: Randolph Zaini (Indonesia)
    A deaf criminal with a traumatic past and his son must fight their way out of their small Indonesian village after witnessing a horrible murder, pitting the gangster against the mob outfit that employed him.

Short Documentary:

  1. Young and the Reckless, Director: Johnny Agnew (New Zealand)
    The film chronicles the lives of a group of teenage runaways in Auckland City, New Zealand. Shot from 2014 to 2021, the film documents their uncertain journeys as they try to find their way in the world.
  2. Dusk Till Dawn – Da Boca da Noite à Barra do Dia, Director: Tiago Delácio (Brazil) In Pernambuco’s Zona da Mata, dream and reality are blended. Among the sugarcane fields, the colors, the dances, the theater, and the music reveal a not-so-distant past, question the present, and shine a light on the future challenges of a game that begins at sundown and ends at daybreak.
  3. The 13th Note, Director: Karim Khorsheed (United States)
    Traditional Classical compared to Speed shred metal, music that moves the soul differently in everyone.
  4. A Letter To My Wife – Sebuah Surat Untuk Istriku, Director: Muhamad Ardan Arrazaq (Indonesia)
    Muhtadi Jarot was forced to give up his wife to go to Singapore. He spent day after day waiting for his beloved wife to return, through unanswered letters.
  5. Homebound, Director: Ismail Fahmi Lubis (Indonesia)
    Tari longs to return home to Indonesia after more than 10 years working abroad in Taiwan. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, her plans unraveled, revealing a lack of rights for vulnerable migrant workers and systemic misinformation.

Short Narrative:

  1. The Recess, Director: Navid Nikkhah Azad (Spain)
    Seventeen-year-old Sahar is determined to watch her favorite soccer team play for the league championship. Barred from attending sports events as a woman, Sahar disguises herself as a boy with the help of her friends.
  2. Ruthless, Director: Matthew McGuigan (United Kingdom)
    In 1970’s Northern Ireland, a young boy bereft of his mother, defies his father to get the Glam Rock album he so desperately wants. It’s Belfast – early 70’s… BOOM! Something’s in the air and it’s not a bomb, it’s a revolution. Glam Rock is drowning out the noise of armoured cars.
  3. The Miniaturist of Junagadh, Director: Kaushal Oza (India)
    In 1947, the ravages of Partition have compelled an old artist, Husyn Naqqash, to sell his ancestral home in Western India and move with his family to Karachi, Pakistan. When Kishorilal, a stoic and stone-hearted man, who has bought the house, comes to find out that Husyn is a well-known miniature painter who has an invaluable and rare miniature collection, he schemes to get hold of the collection.
  4. Why Is It So Warm on Christmas?, Director: Choi Woo Gene (Republic of Korea)
    Movie star Eugene gains superhuman powers after an accident but his costume is too cold for winter. When panic drives him towards online communities for help, he discovers a band of nerds set out to change the world!
  5. Murder Tongue, Director: Ali Sohail Jaura (Pakistan)
    In May of 1992, the state sanctioned “Operation” has put the city of Karachi at constant unrest. Abdul Aziz Ansari is suddenly awoken by his daughter in law telling him his son hasn’t returned home.
  6. TRIS, Director: Djenar Maesa Ayu (Indonesia)
    Tristan feels useless to his family. His decision to see a psychologist makes him realize something he had never imagined before.

Complete Event Program 2022 visit https://www.balinale.com/festival/