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The festival continued to present an outstanding line up of films with a dedicated section to celebrate the films not shown in 2020 due to the cancellation.

We held regulated in-person events to include theatrical screening that provided the shared experience and to do justice to the thousands of hours of craftsmanship involved in the films’ creation.

Along with an online program to increase awareness of the films and gain greater access to an even wider audience.

Documentary Films:

  1. Ze Noemen Me Baboe (Ze Noemen Me Baboe), dir. Sandra Beerends (Netherlands)
  2. Help Is On The Way, dir. Ismail Fahmi Lubis (Indonesia, Taiwan)
  3. Newtopia, dir. Audun Amundsen (Norway) winner

Feature Films:

  1. Supernova, dir. Bartosz Kruhlik (Poland) winner
  2. Pari, dir. Siamak Etemadi (Greece, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria)
  3. Susi Susanti: Love All, dir. Sim F (Indonesia)

Short Films:

  1. Atordoad, Eu Permaneço Atento (Stunned, I Remain Alert), dir. Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos, Henrique Amud (Brazil)
  2. ANNA, dir. Dekel Berenson (Ukraine, Israel, United Kingdom) winner
  3. Malakout (Divinity), dir. Farnoosh Abedi (Iran)
  4. Matahari Terbit di Hutan (Sunrise in the Forest), dir. Samuel Ruby (Indonesia) winner
  5. Ora Srawung, Mati Suwung (A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies), dir. Destian Rendra Pratama (Indonesia)
  6. Suburbia, dir. Winnie Benjamin (Indonesia)
  7. Wild Honey: Caring for Bees in a Divided Land, dir. Lisa Palmer (Australia)

Official Selections 2021 (not in competition):

  1. (IM)MORTAL, dir. Garnish Muhammad (Indonesia)
  2. Emtehan (Exam), dir. Sonia K. Hadad (Iran)
  3. Lamun Sumelang (Forfeiture), dir. Ludy Oji Prastama (Indonesia)
  4. STICKER, dir. Georgi M. Unkovski (North Macedonia)
  5. Kepada Bapak di Rumah (Dear Daddy), dir. Patar Simatupang (Indonesia)
  6. Adam, dir. Shoki Lin (Singapore)
  7. El Silencio del Rio (The Silence of the River), dir. Francesca Canepa (Peru)
  8. In This Land We’re Briefly Ghosts, dir. Chen-Wen Lo (USA, Taiwan, Myanmar)
  9. Nachts sind alle Katzen Grau (All Cats Are Grey in the Dark), dir. Lasse Linder (Switzerland)
  10. Warum Schnecken Keine Beine Haben (Why Slugs Have No Legs), dir. Aline Höchli (Switzerland)
  11. Black Magic, A Balinese Ancient Ritual, dir. Romain Cailliez, (Indonesia)
  12. Dan Pulang (And Returning), dir. Daphne (Indonesia)
  13. Enemy, dir. Michelle Cheng (USA, Canada)
  14. Gatcha!, dir Susan Huang, Stacy Moon, Nadya Sugiarto (USA)
  15. MELIK, dir. I NYOMAN ADI WIRAGUNA (Indonesia)
  16. PANDU PANDA, DIR. Irfan Thamrin (indonesia)
  17. PENGANTIN, dir. Rizki Fahrizalmi (Indonesia)
  18. Punah, dir. Kafka Keandre (Indonesia)
  19. Rahim Puan (Twist and Turn of Woman), dir. Muhammad Syahiddhan Abdillah Shobirin, Bayu S. Yusi (Indonesia)
  20. RAWUH (A Swollen Head), dir. Agung Kurniawan (Indonesia)
  21. Segara (Remember The Sea). dir. Bonaventura Ezra Pradipta (Indonesia)
  22. Segitiga Patah (Friendly Fire), dir. Winnie Benjamin (Indonesia)
  23. Tardid (Doubt), dir. Ali Tasdighi (Iran)
  24. Tembang Lara (Sad Song), dir. Rena Novia Savitri (Indonesia)
  25. X-Hunter: Palang Hitam (X-Hunter: The Black Cross), dir. Rena Novia Savitri (Indonesia)
  26. 113, dir. Neda Assef (Iran)
  27. ANGGITA: Kebanggaan Dalam Kesunyian (ANGGITA: Pride In The Sound of Silence), dir. Albertus Julianto (Indonesia)
  28. Hikayat Ajisaka (The Tales Of Ajisaka), dir. Aryanto Yuniawan (Indonesia)
  29. Je Serais Parmi les Amandiers (Among the Almond Tree), dir. Marie le Floc’h (France, Belgium)
  30. La Vie de Château (My life in Versailles), dir. Clémence Madeleine Perdrillat, Nathaniel H’Limi (France)
  31. Los Nombres de Las Flors (The Names of The Flowers), dir. Bahman Tavoosi (Canada, Qatar, US, Bolivia)
  32. Frangipani Rising, dir. Andrea Hachuel (France Indonesia)
  33. Nasi Padang – A Viral Adventure, dir. Audun Amundsen (Norway, Indonesia)
  34. Man Between Twin Trees, dir. Dio Muhammad (Indonesia)

Special American-Indonesian Cultural & Education Foundation (AICEF) Award Winners

  • Empu (Sugar on The Weaver’s Chair), dir. Harvan Agustriansyah (Indonesia)
  • Nomad Meets the City, dir. Anji Clubb (USA)
  • Book your tickets early, screenings tend to sell out quickly.
  • Be sure to arrive on time for any event.
  • Always check our website or social media for any updates or program changes. All schedules are subject to change.
  • Dress comfortably. Weather can range from very warm to rain showers.
  • Bring a wrap or sweater for the air-conditioned venues.
  • Snacks and beverages can only be purchased from Festival venues.

We regularly post updates about festival programs on our website and social media. Go to linktr.ee/bali.nale to discover more.

The festival was founded in 2007 by Deborah Gabinetti of the Bali Film Center (BFC), a private company providing professional services for film and television production throughout Indonesia since 2002.

To provide a showcase for the best of cinema from Indonesia and around the world.

To further develop the Indonesian creative industries and support a dialogue between them and their international counterparts.

We screen an interesting line-up of entertaining and thought-provoking films from Indonesia and around the globe. We show films in cinema, have an online program, and hold open air community events and educational workshops.

Bali Film Forum is a platform for the film industry to exchange creative ideas by holding discussions with visiting filmmakers and actively participates and contributes to other industry events developing affiliations.

Notable examples of BFC success stories include the 2010 box office hit Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. The film launched the people, culture, and destination of Bali into international waters hiring local professionals and support services. Promoting other parts of Indonesia for the big screen resulted in: Oliver Stone’s Savages (Moyo Island) and IMAX’S Born to Be Wild by David Lickley (Kalimantan) among others.

Both BFC and Bali Film Festival contribute to the growth of the Indonesian film and television industry and continue to promote and encourage the talented individuals behind the scenes.

Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Location Managers Guild International, ATA Carnet Film Organization, Founding Member of Asian Film Commissions Network of 18 countries, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Sundance Film Forward, American Film Showcase, Asian Film Awards Academy and American Indonesian Culture and Education Foundation.

International recognition for the diversity of programming, and the quality of associated events where local and international filmmakers discuss films, trends, co-production opportunities and the demands of a growing, fast paced industry.

Bali Film Festival is known for its specialized knowledge and importance in promoting Indonesian cinema, art and culture, acting as a platform for education and filmmaker development.

It has a long history of supporting established and aspiring local filmmakers with workshops and seminars. The festival submits local films to other affiliates and established together with the American-Indonesian Cultural & Educational Foundation (AICEF) a prize to recognize a first or second-time Indonesian feature filmmaker.

Bali Governor’s Office, Badung Regency Bali, Film Boards & Associations, and the Ministries have endorsed and recognized the festival for its proven efforts to deliver cultural, political and economic benefits to the country.

The festival presents a special preview of upcoming Indonesian releases and works in progress.

As a community-based event, the festival strongly supports the community with its children’s charity program and student workshops as an important part of the program.

Since 2017 we have a juried competition with industry professionals from around the world as members.

Awards are presented in several artistic and technical categories for Feature, Documentary and Short films.

The festival aims to provide alternatives for movie-goers to see films outside of the mainstream on offer in local cinemas. We look for recent releases, eclectic, independent or classic films with a connection to the island of Bali.

We accept feature, documentary, short and animated films in all genres. Formats shown are DCP and MOV.

Call for Film Submissions will be announced well in advance of the festival. We use FilmFreeway for accepting submissions.

The festival has a number of Indonesian films submitted each year with a percentage of the films screened coming from domestic filmmakers.

Submission Waiver Grants have been established by Founding Partner Bali Film Center to encourage and support Indonesian filmmakers.

The festival holds several discussion panels, seminars and workshops with many of these programs offered free of charge to aspiring filmmakers and students.

Through our professional industry associations, there are additional opportunities for networking and gaining possible exposure within the industry.

Since 2007, we have held a number of workshops and seminars conducted by Oscar®, Emmy®, BAFTA®, Cannes and award-winning Indonesian filmmakers helping us to achieve our goals of bringing together films and their makers as a gathering of global creativity.

We accept applications for the important role of volunteer and intern throughout the year. Please check our social media for updated information. Contact volunteers@balinale.com to learn more.

There are several ways to partner with the festival. As a Corporate sponsor we provide opportunities such as Hospitality, Event Hosting and CSR Educational Programs.

Please contact us at +62 361 270 908 or sponsorship@balinale.com

Be part of the growing list of important individual supporters who help bring the world of cinema to Bali.

For further information regarding festival passes contact us at friends@balinale.com

Bali Film Festival 2022 will provide our audiences with a number of live-screenings plus an extended online program.

Please check our social media for ticket sales announcements closer to the festival dates.

Registration will be required for admission to the live-screenings and festival’s Online Program.

You will be able to access Ticketing and Registration through the website.

The festival committee will announce details of this program closer to the festival dates.

The program is provided free of charge; however, space is limited so seats must be reserved.