Dilan 1990 | Free Entry

LANGUAGE: Indonesia
Fajar Bustomi - Indonesia - 110 MINS

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Feature Film     History

Milea (Vanesha Prescilla) met Dilan (Iqbaal Ramadhan) at high school in Bandung in 1990, after Milea moved there from Jakarta. An unusual introduction brings Milea to know the uniqueness of Dilan, smart, kind, romantic. The way Dilan approaches Milea is not the same as other male friends, even Beni (Brandon Salim), Milea's boyfriend in Jakarta. The journey of their relationship is not always smooth. Beni, Anhar (Giulio Perangkan), Kang Adi (Refal Hadi) add color to the journey. Dilan makes Milea believe that she can arrive at the destination safely.