Achewiq, the Song of the Brave Women

Synopsis The traditional improvisational song of the Northern Algerian Berbers is called Achewiq. It is a vehicle for women to express their feelings and deal with disasters. Director Elina Kastler Screening Date/Time Friday, June 2 (14.00) Duration 16 minutes

The Spider Whisperer

Synopsis One day, thousands of spiders invaded the house of a farmer, Luh Sukarmi in Bali (Indonesia) and they never left again. What is she going to do? Director AmĂ©lie Jaya Screening Date/Time Friday, June 2 (14.00) Duration 6 minutes … Read More


Synopsis Bali hides a severe clean water issue. Villagers in rural areas use toxic water daily and the city’s polluted rivers are compromising the population’s health. Director Roberto Natali Screening Date/Time Friday, June 2 (14.00) Duration 31 minutes


Synopsis Lolitha is a transwoman from Papua who is HIV-positive. She shares her stories about her queer awakening, her difficult days selling sex in the streets of Jayapura, her activism, and her philosophical analysis of her intersectional identities. Director Azalia … Read More

Under Your Feet

Synopsis LZ Tile House in Lasem was once a prominent center of tile production and trade but now, in a state of disrepair, awaits government funding for conservation. Director A. J. Kelly Screening Date/Time Friday, June 2 (14.00) Duration 11 … Read More

Behind the Seen

Synopsis Dr. Lawrence Blair, of Ring of Fire, takes us on an adventure cruise through the remote Forgotten Islands of Indonesia, ‘seeing’ the world anew through the latest discoveries of the biological sciences, which suggest that Nature is alive with … Read More