Balinale Establishes New Partnerships to Strengthen Indonesian and Asian Film Industry

Balinale Announces New Date and Partnerships to Strengthen Indonesian and Asian Film Industry

Bali, Indonesia -The organizers of the annual Bali International Film Festival (Balinale), which was originally scheduled to begin this year on 8 September, have made the decision to reschedule the Festival until May 2021.

Deborah Gabinetti, founder of Balinale, explained that "because of the recent announcement by the Indonesia Cinema Owners Association (GPBSI) to delay the planned 29 July reopening of theaters to the general public, we decided it would be in the better interests of all of Balinale participants to move the 14th annual Festival until May 2021."

Holding Balinale in the earlier part of next year, Gabinetti said, will reposition the Festival to maximize its exposure in the local and regional event calendar and to gain a firmer foot hold for Indonesia in the global film market. "We aim to promote Indonesia’s highly-skilled filmmakers while establishing the country as Southeast Asia’s entertainment production destination of choice", she said.

For Balinale fans there is also much welcome news for next year's event, which will launch several new programs. One is an exciting collaboration with the Hong Kong-based Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA). AFAA highlights year-round initiatives for building regional and international audiences as well as playing a role in developing the Asian film industry and culture through its annual Asian Film Awards. The Balinale-AFAA collaboration, "Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation" in Indonesia, will consist of several outstanding awardwinning films and bring together film professionals from Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Gabinetti also announced that Balinale is delighted to reveal the creation of the AICEF (American-Indonesian Cultural & Educational Foundation) Prize for Cross-Cultural Filmmaking through a new partnership with the highly regarded Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, which is based in Vermont USA. The AICEF Prize will be presented to a pair of first or second-time feature filmmakers either in the narrative or documentary genre to present their film at each respective festival.

Complete details on the Festival programs will be announced soon.

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