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Best Feature Documentary

No More History Without Us

Priscilla Regis Brasil

Jury Statement

As media becomes shorter, our memory is also drawn to something immediate and new. History is forgotten, while the impact is neglected. This film is a brave, brilliant, and meticulous undertaking of narrative change by and for Amazonian, which resonates throughout the Global South.

Best Short Documentary

Nusa Ina

Anne Jan Sijbrandij

Jury Statement

We were moved by this film and the plight of displaced people so well told in the film as the reason short documentaries are so important, they are using film to preserve history and as a form of activism, which gives them an enduring power.

Best Short Narrative

The Masterpiece

Alex Lora

Jury Statement

The film’s nuanced narrative and underlying tension subtly reveal the power dynamics and prejudices at play, as the immigrants hold something the wealthy couple desires. This complexity is combined with solid performance and direction.

Best Feature Narrative

The Gospel of the Beast

Sheron Dayoc

Jury Statement

This film is engaging due to its strong direction, well-written script, and impressive cinematography. The narrative arc, where the protagonist grapples with a moral dilemma before ultimately choosing the right path, is particularly compelling and resonates deeply.

Special Jury Award
(Short Documentary)

Film Dhvani- The Sound Around

Dhvani – The Sound Around

Anurag Dwivedi

Jury Statement

The film was engaging throughout. It was well told, the production values were high, it showcased India beautifully and was fascinating.

Special Jury Award
(Feature Documentary)

Porcelain War

Brendan Bellomo, Slava Leontyev
(United States)

Jury Statement

Many films about war focus on the devastating impact of war. This film is very unique and inspiring because it invites us to see Ukraine from the point of view of love. The love portrayed here is deep, multi-dimensional, and bitter-sweet. Through their art, storytelling, and love, we see Ukraine through the resilience of its people, we see peace as something worth fighting for.

Gary L Hayes Award for Emerging Indonesian Filmmaker


Kezia Alexandra

Jury Statement

Kezia Alexandra embodies the spirit of this award—a burgeoning director and multifaceted artist whose distinctive style and visionary storytelling are reshaping Indonesia’s cinematic landscape. Established in honor of Gary Hayes, a pioneer in the industry whose passion helped young aspiring Indonesian creatives fulfill their potential.

Committee Choice:
Feature Narrative


Seán Devlin

Committee Statement

Through masterful storytelling, the audience is invited to the world of characters, experiencing their emotions intimately and breaking down societal boundaries. In a landscape where various agendas vie for attention, Devlin’s work achieves in one film what many associations strive for: fostering understanding and acceptance.

Committee Choice: Feature Documentary

Point of Change

Rebecca Coley
(United Kingdom)

Committee Statement

The film takes you into an entirely different culture and community then elevates the significance of this modern cautionary tale through its connection with Kevin Lovett. Point of Change isn’t just any documentary—it’s a captivating, dramatic feature that draws you in with its unique storytelling.

Sustainable Film Award

Kewang — Nature’s Ancient Guardians

Indah Rufiati

Committee Statement

The new category focuses on the power of storytelling to tackle pressing sustainability challenges and this film doesn’t just raise awareness, it inspires viewers to take action and make a positive difference.

Aicef Cross-Cultural Award

Sculpting the Giant

Banu Wirandoko, Rheza Arden Wiguna

Committee Statement

The Cross-Cultural Film Award is presented to a pair of first or second-time feature filmmakers whose work robustly embraces cross-cultural themes.