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Story From The East

Balinale X Indonesiana presented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, RI.
Layar Indonesiana is a short film program aimed at nurturing aspiring Indonesian talent. “Story from The East” is a selection of films created by filmmakers from Eastern Indonesia highlighting local stories that reflect the dynamic culture and society of the region.

FREE Film Screenings.

Thursday 6 June @ 15.30

Bloody Rose

Bloody Rose

Directed by Elsy Grazia


Alvian (11) and Toni (11) are looking for sanitary pads for their deaf friend, Rose (11), who started her first period at school. Rose’s disability makes it challenging for her friends to communicate with her and the lack of sanitary pads available at school and the long distance to the nearest shop present additional challenges for Alvian and Toni. They also face pressure from their male friends who want them to appear tough. The must make a choice between appearing tough and helping their friend.

Kakak Jenggot

The Brother

Directed by Muh. Nur Falah Muzakkir


Uje’s new habits have made Iccang suspicious. This is the first time his older brother has let his beard grow out. Additionally, Uje’s activities have been increasingly stranger day by day comeing to the conclusion that Uje must be involved in a terrorist network. Iccang devises a plan to save Uje!

Pau Lipu

Dying Echoes of the Sea

Directed by Hendro Ariwibowo


Uki (14), a young girl, lives with her blind mother on the coast of Peling Island. Her father died due to a fish bomb while at sea. Meanwhile, Uki has to pay off her father’s debts and fund her schooling. One day, a debt collector arrives aggressively, threatening to take their house if the debt is not paid off soon. They are forced to give up some belongings just to pay part of her father’s debt.

Uki racks her brain for a way to pay off the debt before the debt collectors take their house. Uki decides to sell homemade fish bombs to the fishermen in her village. Without her mother’s knowledge, Uki begins making and selling these improvised fish bombs. Initially, things go smoothly, but one day, a fish bomb she sold explodes and kills a fisherman.

The news spreads quickly, and the police start conducting investigations. Uki becomes worried that her actions will eventually lead to her being caught and imprisoned. Several times she narrowly escapes being caught by patrolling police. Finally, Uki decides to catch fish herself using her homemade bomb. Tragically, the fish bomb explodes, killing Uki.

Black Passenger

Black Passenger

Directed by Danny Mambrasar


Benny Mayor (20) is invited to play the tifa at a grand cultural festival held in Manokwari every five years, which the governor will attend. He travels to Manokwari by ferry, accompanied by two friends. However, his friends did not buy tickets and even threw Benny’s ticket into the sea making all three of them stowaways and having to evade the ferry staff.

At one point, they find a hidden passage where a young pregnant woman is already hiding. As security gets closer, the woman panics and gets trapped among the pipes, forcing the trio to choose between helping her at the risk of being caught and detained for 24 hours, or escaping so Benny can realize his dream and perform on stage.